What Divine Love Really Is! by Al Fike - April 25, 2015

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What Divine Love Really Is! by Al Fike - April 25, 2015

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Our experiences of Divine Love are as diverse as we are. Here is a beautiful expression of one person’s experience of Divine Love.
“What Divine Love Is”
To be embraced by God like a child in their parents’ arms and to know that firm and loving grasp is all that is needed to feel whole and happy. This is the Divine Love. Along with it's encompassing warmth and balm comes a knowing from deep within that I am in that place of complete rightness and alive with scintillating light. It is palpable and as exciting as the lustful embrace of lovers yet unlike the physical realm, it is soft as gentle breezes and the scents of flowers. The ardour of my soul is stirred and that deep longing rises up in hopes of finding union with my Creator. I am awakened by the Divine touch; its electric charge opens me to that place of endless possibilities and cosmic knowing. The world fades as light blinds me with Holy Presence. I am both as small as a speck of dust and as great as a galaxy. There is no time, no place, just being and knowing. In this expansive place, I begin to understand what life is for and how uniquely beautiful is my being and all beings. I begin to know what love is. A glimpse of the absolute and a slice of it remain within me never to leave. I have been touched by God, my soul changed forever and the unfolding of a journey that never ends. This is God's Love. The opening of a door......just a crack........carries my soul heavenward for a time then lets me gently down to this heavy world. This glimpse is all I need for me to carry on and wish for more. It will come again and I will be back to that place of blissful peace and knowing embrace. God's Love ever growing within, His Essence working it's magic. The changes affecting me in ways unanticipated and delightful. My vision opens even here as new senses emerge and play upon my consciousness. Wisdom from that deep place turns my thoughts to Godly Truths. I am no longer weighted down by fearful armour and vengeful acts. I am God's child, known and knowing that He is my Father. I am redeemed and on my road to blissful, joyous reunion with Him. Yes, now I know what love truly is.......freedom and life.......joy and wisdom....knowing and knowing. Thank you God, for Your embrace and Your Gift. I love you......

That's what Divine Love is for me and yet these words are just a shadow of the truth. Much love to you all.....

Al Fike
Endless journey,endless Love.
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