WELCOME to our forum! We are Al and Jeanne Fike and together we have been richly blessed on a spiritual journey for the past 4 decades....we welcome those who are interested in sharing their faith, their stories and their spiritual quests to this Message Board! continued inside....
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Dear Friends....new friends and old friends -

WELCOME to our new forum! We are Al and Jeanne Fike and together we have been richly blessed on a spiritual journey for the past 4 decades....we welcome those who are interested in sharing their faith, their stories and their spiritual quests to this Message Board!

We were inspired recently to create this forum by almost 50 people who gathered with us at our home on the Sunshine Coast -- near Gibsons, B.C., Canada, for a Retreat -- a gathering which had the main purpose to pray together for Divine Love!

It began just over a year ago when Al googled--simply -- "DIVINE LOVE". Within a short period of time we connected with some pretty amazing people from Dubai, Namibia, Australia, Hawaii, 7 continental U.S. states (from New York, Florida, Arizona....to the West Coast) and 3 Canadian provinces! We discovered that although we were all from various faiths, cultures, social and economic classes, that we all had one thing in common: That is a belief in praying for Divine Love!

Al and I are still pinching ourselves that almost 50 people joined us in our humble home to pray and that together we felt that a very powerful light and connection with our Celestial spirit guides and teachers was created. So inspired we have been by this humble gathering and by the great effort that was made by people to travel such great distances from around the world to share in our gathering that we decided to open this forum for us to continue the dialogue only recently begun at the Divine Love Retreat. We hope that the light generated by this humble gathering will continue to grow ever more brightly and truly, Light up Our Troubled World"!

We believe in prayer....we believe in transformation of the Soul. We believe in God and we believe that all of us are deeply needed to change the conditions of our troubled world. We want to do our part in making a difference. There is SO MUCH to be done! So many lost souls....so many living in dark conditions -- in poverty, in war torn countries, with terrible lack of opportunity and suffering.

It doesn't have to be like this! We want to join together in love and harmony with others and do all that we can to make a difference.....we hope that others who are committed to prayer and making a difference in their daily lives will feel inspired to share their stories and their faith with us in this forum.

We pray this forum will be a catalyst for "stepping forward"! We believe in DIVINE LOVE....that is, we believe that by activating our deepest soul's longings in sincere prayer that each of us has the potential to develop a meaningful and close relationship with The Creator. We believe that living a life of prayer has deep and profound rewards and that each soul has the opportunity to access an inflowing of Divine Love within our souls that will bring us into the light, deepen our soul perceptions and help us live our lives more in harmony with the Laws of Creation.

Welcome to Divine Love Sanctuary! Please share your stories of faith and how, together, we can create a more beautiful, loving, peaceful world! We invite those who attended our recent Divine Love Retreat to start the ball rolling!! Thank you.....Lovingly, Jeanne
Stay centered in Divine Love and expect miracles to happen!
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Re: Welcome

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Welcome fellow Divine Love seekers and those of you who are curious enough to join in the discussion.We have put together this site with the generous help of Geoff Cutler in order to continue the conversation started at our Divine Love retreat this past July. I think many of us were deeply blessed at the retreat as we prayed together for the Father's Love and we were also challenged to step forward as emisaries and channels of God's Divine Love. My hope is that we will all feel connected and supported in our efforts to step forward in this way and in our efforts to to continually grow in this transforming Love.

I hope you will treat this message board as a way of communicating your longings, ambitions, experiences and insights as we travel together down this road. We all receive guidance from our angel friends and our souls are opening to many different perceptions. Reporting and sharing these unique experiences not only can assist you in clarifying and integrating them and these gifts shared will benefit us all.

We are a newly formed extended family and in many ways, do not really know each other. Your life stories and past experiences are another valuable contribution to us all. You are welcome to share whatever it is that you feel is relevant to share. If you are dealing with a difficult situation, please feel free to open up here. It is our sincere hope that we will all treat this space as a vehicle for love, healing, respect and acceptance and not too much advice giving.

Any relationship needs time and effort to build. We are all bonded in the Love and this is a strong foundation. What we build on that foundation is up to each of us. I committed myself to serve and support you all when we met. This is one way I feel I can do so. I will try to contribute in whatever way I can without, I hope, being too intrusive or boring. I still feel a strong connection to you all and my hope is that this vehicle will strengthen the bonds of love. Stepping forward in the Love will encompass many dimensions. This is only one small part of it. I believe as you all contemplate and are guided in the meaning and actions of this powerful prompting, you will have much to share. We would also welcome your stories and pictures of our gathering. What were the most meaningful and delightful parts of the retreat? Your feedback and continued assessments of what happened when we were together will reveal more gold to be mined. Opinions and new topics are also welcome. Let's continue the conversation shall we! I know you all have so much to contribute. Please take the time to do so. With much love and respect. Your brother and friend.......Al
Endless journey,endless Love.
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