Guidelines for posting on Sanctuary

WELCOME to our forum! We are Al and Jeanne Fike and together we have been richly blessed on a spiritual journey for the past 4 decades....we welcome those who are interested in sharing their faith, their stories and their spiritual quests to this Message Board! continued inside....
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Guidelines for posting on Sanctuary

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Visitors are able to read all the public posts, but to post here, you must first register as a member. These are our requirements:

Our Purpose:
Our purpose is to talk about Divine Love, and all related spiritual matters. While we may talk about many spiritual subjects, our primary purpose is to communicate and confirm for one another the existence and the experience of receiving the Divine Love. We might be lenient for a time with a topic that is borderline, but essentially, we will see this as our purpose.

There are times when you may be asked to stop posting on a particular subject because it is either getting off topic or not respectful of others posting here. This is up to to the moderators discretion. This includes those who are only interested in grandstanding. If you come here to share your experiences, or as a genuine seeker after truth, it is unlikely there will be a problem.

We do not require all who post here to agree with us on the primary purpose - Divine Love, but frankly, once we have established that point of difference, if you continue in an argumentative manner, you may be censored. Our purpose here is not to promote other spiritual concepts that do not relate to the Divine Love Path. Differences of opinion are acceptable as long as they are respectfully submitted with the understanding that every one follows their own unique path to God. The point we are making here, is that differences can be discussed, and shared, but only for the purpose of such sharing, and potentially learning. There comes a point when that sharing is finished, and then the subject should be closed. Beyond this point your posts may be construed as proselytizing.

However there will also be points of difference between those who do believe in Divine Love and the source of this information - The Padgett Messages. While we would like to think that those who espouse love, can share in love, experience has taught that even Divine Love followers can break the rules of decent respectful communications. Since this forum is about Divine Love, we do not consider talking about the Padgett Messages as proselytizing. Nevertheless discussion still needs to avoid trying to bash your opponent by repeating endlessly the same points.

1) All beliefs are to be recognized respectfully. After all, they are dear to the person who holds them. If you truly value your brothers and sisters, then it follows that you also respect their beliefs. Not all who post here will follow the Padgett Messages, and this should be accepted and respected.

2) All discussions are to be done with respect shown to all parties. Even generalizations should be carefully worded to avoid antagonizing others. Be careful to avoid antagonistic personal comments by picking on the individual, rather than the concepts they are communicating.

3) No proselytizing outside of the Padgett Messages. That means, don't come here with the express purpose of seeking to convert other folks to your belief (which is outside of the Padgett Messages).please do not post something you know will be inflammatory.

4) No spamming. That is turning up here with the explicit purpose of trying to harvest some of the traffic for your own purpose. Links to other sites are certainly acceptable, but must be in context. Putting your email address on a post and asking folks to contact you is spamming. So is linking to your board and suggesting folks go there. Or to another board or blog that is predominantly about the Padgett Messages. We are very sensitive that we have created a safe forum here, and any attempt to interfere with our cocoon of safety will be dealt with.

5) Most of all, be tolerant and loving of others.

6) You will have to use a valid email address otherwise your membership cannot be activated. We do not mail to the addresses on this message board. No member of the public or even a software spider will be able to read your email address on this board. They are not displayed anywhere public.

7) This is not a political board, so please refrain from politically oriented posts.

8 ) This is quite specifically a safe environment for you to share things that you may not be able to share with anyone else. Nobody will laugh at what you have experienced, and you can thus discuss things with other caring folks that you will have had to keep bottled up before. We do not hesitate to get rid of people who are intolerant and insensitive or dismissive.

9 ) We have had to put controls on Private Messages too, as spammers have used this in the past. You must have made one post, and had that post approved, before you can use private messages. And even then, you cannot send private messages to more than four recipients.
Endless journey,endless Love.
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