French publication of Fr Samuels' Messages

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French publication of Fr Samuels' Messages

Post by Christian »

A few days ago I have been publishing, on Amazon, on a kindle edition and as a paperback the french translation that I have translated last year. It took me some time to come to this publication because I wanted this translation checked by Raphael's Mother and anyway I needed time to resolve myself to this publication.

Here is the link : ... es+Padgett

Regarding the title I choose, folowing Klaus' advice : "A new insight on Jesus of Jerusalem.

This translation is about the Revelations and the Sermons.

This publication was possible through the help of Raphael who conceived the book' cover and Klaus who give many pratical advises and of Course, Fabienne, Raphael's mother who checked my french translation. So I am really gtrateful for their help.

So in a sense it is a comon publication.

So far, my french publication of TGRABJ_VolI I didn't get many customers, if not a few friends. Anyway, I don't give up and I continue speaking about it around myself and specially among my friends and to who could be interested. I know it takes time for peoples to change their believes and some may do it with very high difficulties in the word of spirits.

Beside this, I am still busy with the french translation of TGRABJ_VolI II. I am a little bit over the half so I keep the hope to end it before the end of this year.

Kind Regards.



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Re: French publication of Fr Samuels' Messages

Post by AlFike »

Congratulations Christian. Wonderful to see the Divine Love truths spreading around the world. My sincere hope is that your work will touch many souls. Thank you for all the effort and time you put into this. May God bless you for your dedication and service my friend. Much love to you......Al
Endless journey,endless Love.
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Re: French publication of Fr Samuels' Messages

Post by Klaus »

Hello Christian!

Congratulations on publishing your translation.
Though the mortals reading your translation are currently very small in number, you can be sure that many many spirits are present whenever you are concerned with works on Divine Love.

Many greetings and blessings,
Klaus :ugeek:
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Re: French publication of Fr Samuels' Messages

Post by Geoff »

Dear Kris,

This is wonderful to see. Well done.

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Re: French publication of Fr Samuels' Messages

Post by jeanne »

Dear Christian,

I too, wish to add my congratulations to you, not only for this latest work, but for your French website and all your determined efforts. Isn't it wonderful to work with Raphael and his mother Fabienne?! Lucky you! God Bless you, Christian! Al and I hope to meet you in person some day.
With loving wishes and prayers for you on your spiritual journey, always, Jeanne :P
Stay centered in Divine Love and expect miracles to happen!
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