School for Mediums -Apostle James - circa 1969

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School for Mediums -Apostle James - circa 1969

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Hi Geoff, Joseph and others,

Here is the message I referred to in my last post which is part of the 1958 - 1970 Collection of Messages, part of Alec Gaunt's Legacy to the world!

Unfortunately many messages we inherited in the boxes were not dated....neither were the sitters and the names of the mediums who channelled the messages. Alec had different circles going on every night of the week in different locations and was apparently working with about 6 different mediums so it's not possible to identify specific messages to a specific medium. Some groups were for beginners; others were for the development of mediumship; others were for healing, etc. Al and I do know the identity of the main medium used to channel the Direct Voice messages in the Collection -- I met her in 1969 and she was my personal mentor for about 7 years until she moved to San Diego. She introduced me to the Padgett Volumes in 1969. She sat in different groups with Alec as well as Bert, Shirley and Barb....then she introduced me to Al in 1975!

Love Jeanne :P

MESSAGE 118 - SPIRIT: JAMES (APOSTLE) Title: School for Mediums

I also would like to speak a few words to you, James. How pleased I am to come and blend with you in love. The harmony which is developing between you and the love which is growing between you I trust will be that which will grow into the force that will give to you the gift of direct voice. A strong love force is needed between us and so many of us work together with you my friends. Solomon is with us tonight and you know that he is a powerful and wonderful spirit and he brings with him great love for this group and he desires very strongly that a foundation should be built where people may come and learn the truths. That the teachers of truth may come and spread to all mankind, God's wonderful plan of salvation and the wonderful gifts which God has in store for you. There are so many spirits that desire to help you, desire to come and it is so important that other souls develop spiritual gifts. We need good mediums very much, but mediums must have the foundation of Love within their souls to do the work which is required on this earth plane. It is very important to us to have many mediums in all phases of work and development. But it is so important that the ground work be laid for the progression of these mediums. I would like to develop here a school, a school for the development of mediums, grounded in the Truths of God, a foundation of God's Love.

It is important that these Truths be spread about the Earth quickly and to do this we need those who will work unceasingly and selflessly to serve God. So, we need someone, those who can teach in truths, those who are strong and can lead, where new souls can be brought into the fold. They require nurture and love and the strength of those who have been in this work for longer periods of time. For in the beginning their gifts are weak and their soul development lacks the strength. It is important that you have a strong love bond between you, that you have something to give to your weaker brothers and sisters who will be drawn to you and who will be necessary for the work in the years to come. There is so much to be done. We need so many workers. We need the love force and the harmony that is necessary to develop the spiritual gifts of these new souls who come to you and seek but you yourselves require spiritual food and it is good for you to gather together as a close-knit group in love and harmony where you can feel at one and go forth again into the world. I am pleased to see you draw together as you have tonight with strength, harmony and love which grows between you, for the work which is before you. We strengthen you in our love and I want you to know too and to feel that God also is in this room with us. We are not separated from the Father and the Love and power of God. Feel that God is in the room, feel the Love and harmony strengthening and growing between us. Continue on and know that you are blessed of God and that your efforts are blessed, that we are with you to support you. My children and my friends, I love you very much, each one of you. I love you so very much.
Stay centered in Divine Love and expect miracles to happen!
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