Hello from Pittsburgh

Please introduce yourself here
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Hello from Pittsburgh

Post by BethM »

Or I should say north of Pittsburgh. I currently live close to Youngstown (Ohio), but since I grew up in Monroeville (PA ... where Bill Frase is currently), I prefer to say I'm from daBurgh! Jeanne, Al, and Bill have already read this via email, but for everyone else, my backstory is that I'm 60 and have been "spiritual, but not religious" most of my life. I was raised Catholic, but basically left the church in college and spent the next decades dabbling. I spent the bulk of that time in Unitarian Universalist communities and did some experimenting with Buddhist meditation.

My day job is a computer job, so I spend a lot of time online. I had been on a variety of lists for Eastern paths and in 2015, one of them offered a class called the Way of the Wisdom Jesus by Cynthia Bourgeault, an Episcopal minister. Fast forward to today, and I've spent the last couple of years exploring a Christian mysticism path with Bourgeault and others (like Fr Richard Rohr and Fr Thomas Keating) because of my desire to experience felt presence rather than dry doctrine. (Just as an aside, the contemplative practice taught by Keating and Bourgeault -- centering prayer -- is interesting viewed in context with the Divine Love prayer.)

As part of this, I returned to the Catholic Church. But while part of me is completely drawn to Jesus' teachings (especially what's in the Sermon on the Mount), part of me struggles with other church teachings. But I have been persevering with the idea to "seek and ye shall find."

In early January, there was a conference by FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) in Indianapolis that had 17K participants. They livestreamed much of it, and one of the sessions was by Fr. Mathias Thelen, a charismatic Catholic priest, on the Holy Spirit ... and the gist was that the Catholic Church was in much need of a second Pentecost ... that too many had done the rote steps, but had not been "set afire" by the presence.

After this session, I googled "divine love" and the Holy Spirit and came across the Padgett messages as one of the first links. Like one of the commenters here, as I read these messages, I thought how much of it resonated. And when I found out that there was going to be a workshop in the town where I grew up, an hour from where I live, I was like 'hmmmmm!'

Since then, I've been privileged to be part of two online circles. I'm still working on opening my soul, but I have a strong sense of comfort that this is the path I'm meant to follow. I am planning to be at the Monroeville retreat for sure and may be in Meyersdale. I'm looking forward to meeting some of you in real life!


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Re: Hello from Pittsburgh

Post by Geoff »

Dear Beth,

Gee thats a wonderful journey. I only came across Richard Rohr last week, and I see my copy of the Judas Messages is now on its way to him. I have not contacted his staff, and am thinking a surprise may be best?


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Re: Hello from Pittsburgh

Post by jeanne »

Hi Beth,
So lovely to see you here....and in our online Circles of Light too! You are a breath of fresh air and we can't wait to meet you and pray with you in Pennsylvania! Bill just had a remarkable second meeting today with his Pastor at Monroeville's Methodist United Church about our 2 day workshop there! Well, this promises to be "a first"!

I will let Bill tell you more about it. I do hope for a miracle to open up for you to attend the Meyersdale Retreat too! There will be quite a contrast between the 2 events. It would be awesome for you to meet some of the wonderful people who visit this forum and participate in the online circles in Meyersdale!

Lots of love and God Bless! Welcome! Looking forward to your continuing questions and discussion here! Sending you hugs from the west coast, Jeanne :P
Stay centered in Divine Love and expect miracles to happen!

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Re: Hello from Pittsburgh

Post by Susan »

Hi Beth! Hope to meet you in Meyersdale! Glad you're here friend! :) hugs!

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Re: Hello from Pittsburgh

Post by PlenaryGrace »

Hello dear Beth, and welcome!!

I would be delighted to meet you in person in Meyersdale! Here's hoping that can happen. I live in the DC Metro Area, in Northern Virginia.

If you have not already read the Padgett Messages, I highly and heartily recommend.

I, too, was reared Catholic, but was always spiritual and not religious. God's Truth and Love are abundant and found in many, many places. To me, the Padgett Messages offer the purest most distilled form of the most important Truths about God's Divine Love. After studying them deeply for four years, I am finally now ready to absorb the messages contained in Judas of Kerioth. I see them as a follow-on, rather than a replacement to the Padgett Messages.

Pray deeply and allow God's Love to transform your soul at depth. Or, as our dear brother Judas said: We take one step, and God does the rest.

Love, love,


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Re: Hello from Pittsburgh

Post by Eva »

Hello Beth and welcome!

I live "down under" -- same as Geoff, just one state north, so the US East Coast is a bit far for me, so I don't expect to meet you in person in the near future, but look forward to your contributions here on the forum. I have had some experience with the Catholic Church and am familiar with a number of their writers, some of whom have had profound insights.

I have a strong Bible background and my website Universal Spirituality (in signature below) includes material matching the Padgett Messages with the Bible.

By the way, are you on the mailing list of the bi-monthly Divine Love Newsletter (also downloadable from Al and Jeanne's website and Foundation Church of Divine Truth website)? If not, and if you'd like to be or to submit something, let me know. I am now going to add to the thread about it here on the forum, so it will come to the top at General Topics.

All the best you you Beth as you explore the Divine Love path and reach new peaks on your spiritual journey.

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Re: Hello from Pittsburgh

Post by Lynn »

Hello Beth:

Welcome! I too from the “burgh”, currently living now in the Big ‘D’. Happy to see the “seek and ye shall find.” Glad to see you have found the Divine Love Santuary website. My journey began with Geoff’s new-birth.net website, and here you will find many dedicated individuals that have provided so much to help us with our Divine Love journey.

Welcome! Welcome!

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