News from the Board January 9, 2016

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News from the Board January 9, 2016

Post by jeanne » Sun Jan 10, 2016 2:50 am

Dear Friends,

Today my sister Judy hosted the D.L.S.F. 4th Annual General Meeting here in Gibsons! And what a celebration it was! :P The angels enveloped us and prayed with us.... God's Mighty River of love carried us and uplifted us! We celebrated the achievements of the past three years and paid tribute to the Founding Directors: Barbara Davies, Terry Adler, Betty Owen, Judy Dunbar, Geoff Cutler, Al and .... me too!! :lol:

We shared our challenges.... and celebrated our efforts and how we have been learning to "get over ourselves" ... to let go and Let God wash away the human conditions that can undermine our best intentions to Live The Love. We laughed at ourselves for those times we got stuck in our own expectations, judgments and personal barriers and how painful it was. We laughed out loud at being given the task by our spirit guides to organize and deliver a retreat in Blackpool, England -- on the other side of the world -- when none of us had ever been there! And we AMAZED ourselves at the power of God's Love in guiding us through it all.... "miracle" after "miracle"!

We celebrated the Divine Love Retreat held in Gibsons in 2015, along with many special prayer gatherings during the year. We all vowed to uphold one another with love and acceptance as each one of us is committed to receiving our own guidance and soul wisdom.

We paid tribute to 4 wonderful volunteers and special guests who joined us for the prayer and the meeting:
* Karen (read her one year anniversary story in this forum)... and got down on bended knee to thank her for stepping up to take on the role of book-keeper.
* Maureen (well known to everyone here on the forum).. . who is really the one who is now posting weekly messages in this forum and sending out selected messages via mail chimp.
* Darlene (don't miss Darlene's article in the FCDT newsletter!) who prepared the Welcome Package for the Gibsons Retreat
* Lorna and Jolene: for their prayerful support and hosting efforts.

Judy made a presentation on the new, re-structured Governance Model for DLSF - as Al mentions in his report, we are streamlining down to 4 Trustees with the Founding Directors focussing their time and efforts on creating and maintaining Circles of Light in the world.

We debated the pro's and con's of three core issues that have been outstanding for the past three years:
* membership
* requirements to become a registered charity
* changes to the DLSF Constitution and by-laws

The discussions were enlightening ... with surprising results! In the end we decided to remain a "network" in which we will continue to promote a sense of belonging with others who share our values, beliefs and aspirations rather than pursuing a membership drive, membership fees and administrative management! We decided that it would be counter-productive to pursue registered charitable status which can be costly and divert our loving efforts to building organizational structures and a fundraising arm! For the time being (unless God guided to do otherwise) we are content to remain a non profit society registered in the province of British Columbia, Canada. And we brainstormed a few ideas about changes to the Constitution and by-laws which we will take forward to the new Board of Trustees in 2016 for continued discussion and adoption.

We elected Helge Mercker from Namibia to join our ministerial team of global decision-makers... with Geoff Cutler, Al and myself being re-elected for another three year term. :P

In our opening prayer we received a message from Confucius and after the AGM we received messages from Faith and Augustine who applauded our efforts! (These messages will be transcribed soon and available on this website and via mail chimp).

It was an amazing meeting, full of promise for the future, confidence we are moving forward in increased Love and Harmony.

In the coming weeks the D.L.S.F. website will reflect some of these changes. If anyone has any questions about D.L.S.F., our goals, operations and Governance Model, please do not hesitate to contact me!

With gratitude, Jeanne
Stay centered in Divine Love and expect miracles to happen!

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Re: News from the Board January 9, 2016

Post by AlFike » Sun Jan 10, 2016 10:33 am

Jeanne has pretty much covered the events of the meeting. It was an awesome meeting filled with loving intention and mutual support. The most significant thing that came from our discussions there and we were in full agreement with it, was the idea of not trying to expand DLSF into a global organization. Yes, we do span the globe but it is our sincere hope that our outreach is complimentary to and in collaboration with all the other efforts of those who are in prayer for God's Love. We have no desire to compete with or usurp the efforts and purviews of others who are working in the Divine Love movement. We each have our roles to play and work to do and there is no need for competition, just action and mutual support. There is certainly enough work to go around for everyone 8-) . So it is our hope that all those working in that beautiful flow of God's Love will join us in this flow as we wish to join you, working in harmony and co-creating with God in order to be a part of His Plan for the salvation of mankind. We each hold the responsibility to listen to our guidance and act upon it. A simple prayer to ask God to guide you in that flow of service WILL bring the guidance you need. It is so easy to sit back and be the observer of others and maybe even criticize their efforts. It is the higher road to boldly step forward utilizing your own gifts and listening to your own guidance in order to spread the truth of God's Love and to serve humanity. It seems like we all need to step up now as changes are fast on our heals and there will be a deep need for all of us to be God's channels of His Will and Love. With great love and appreciation to all those who are serving God in tis way..........Al
Endless journey,endless Love.

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Re: News from the Board January 9, 2016

Post by DennisT » Wed Jan 13, 2016 10:53 am

Wonderful news! It sounds like it's going to be another exciting year for the DLSF!

May God Bless your work, and safe travels my friends!


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