News From the Board September 20, 2014

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News From the Board September 20, 2014

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At our September 20th Board meeting we approved in principle hosting another Divine Love Retreat in August of 2015!
We will set a date within the coming months to provide plenty of advance notice necessary for planning.

For those of you who may not have read the reports Judy and I presented to the Board on recent retreats and posted on the thread "We are back from the 100th Anniversary Retreat!", I am posting them here. Enjoy! May you be inspired to join us in August of 2015 on the Sunshine Coast of beautiful BC for another prayerful gathering!

Here is Judy's report:

DL Retreat at Boghill, Ireland – August 22 to 24, 2014

Thank you for the opportunity to attend the “Ireland” retreat which was a very meaningful experience for me. The retreat provided me with many blessings, including the opportunity to establish meaningful connections and bonds with many beautiful souls as well as to gain a heightened awareness of and appreciation for my growing instrumentality. I am pleased to provide this overview of the retreat, which after reading over, likely does not do justice to the love, sense of kinship, and meaningful connections experienced by participants.

This retreat was the first of its kind sponsored and organized by the WHC. A great deal of preparation had been done by Tim and Merrie O’Higgins and Anne Nyquist who together, chose the venue, handled registrations, and organized four, afternoon workshops for attendees. By all accounts the retreat was a great success for participants who felt elevated by the love and inspired by the spiritual journeys of participants. Al and Jeanne had been expected to take an active role as facilitators, leading DL prayer circles and discussions on Divine Love, Padgett, etc. In spite of their absence, the retreat evolved in an organic, smooth fashion under the solid guidance of Tim, who created a safe, welcoming environment for attendees to participate. While not necessarily familiar with DL, there were many gifted, spiritually evolved souls in attendance who were open to the ideas presented and to sharing their insights and considerable knowledge with the group.

I was pleased to share our DL prayer culture with the gathering, to offer the opening prayer and to provide the closing prayers. This was a wonderful, moving experience for me, as while saying each prayer, I felt overshadowed by love from Celestials and guided to speak specific words and phrases. The experience helped me to acknowledge my growing gifts as a channel of the Creator’s love. Connie read a very beautiful, moving prayer which was well received by all. Terry, in her usual eloquent way, offered insightful and moving reflections on her experience. Bishop Brian provided the talk on Padgett and the difference of DL/Natural Love and the path of spiritual progression available through the 7 spheres and beyond. (Geoff, he used your “Get the Hell Out” book, as his guide!) In short, Al and Jeanne’s absence provided an opportunity for others to step forward, contribute and to feel good about their contributions. While the spiritual conditions generated by the group were high, I missed their loving energies and strength of faith and the elevated spiritual conditions which their presence brings.

Boghill is adjacent to “the Burren”, a national park in County Clare. The quiet, majestic beauty of the surroundings provided an ideal setting for the reteat. The facility offered a number of meeting rooms, a large dining room, a living room, as well as a range of shared and private sleeping rooms. The option of shared accommodation (e.g. bunk beds) allowed some budget flexibility for participants. The dining room provided sufficient space to accommodate everyone during meal times, allowing people to converse easily with each other and to learn about each other. The meals were delicious and vegetarian. The main meeting room was large, with a high vaulted ceiling; circular windows offered an amazing view of the surrounding natural grasslands. Walking trails surrounded the centre providing opportunities to explore grasslands and a circle of stones. Outbuildings were available for breakout groups and for individual massage or healing sessions (provided by Monica ? and Mary Berkery).

Most participants stayed overnight in the available accommodations while several others (including Tim) commuted to and from home each day. While the facilities were ideal for a retreat, the distance from the dining room to the main meeting area posed some challenges to start venues (especially the prayer circles) on time as it was difficult to “round up” participants and to know who was actually on site.

There was an average of 24 participants at the retreat at any given time, a couple of people attended on Sunday only and missed key discussions on DL. Most attendees seemed to have a rich, strong prayerful life and a deep, meaningful connection with God. There was a core group of people in attendance who shared a meaningful history with Faith and shared a great interest in the Aramaic language spoken by Jesus. This group included Tim, Patrick, Anne, Mary Berkery, Breda, Mary Barry, Merrie, Sallie and others. Many had met weekly for a number of years in Sallie’s home to further their knowledge of the Aramaic language and the teachings of Jesus. While they no longer come together in these circles, the Aramaic language continues to be a great passion/interest amongst them.

This was the first DL retreat for most participants and likely the first introduction of DL for many. Connie, Terry, Susan, Tim, Merrie, Sallie, Anne, Breda and myself, had all attended the retreat in Blackpool the previous Fall. Tracy Duffey had been introduced to DL at one of the “bookstore” talks given by Jeanne, Al and Terry following the Blackpool retreat; this inspired her to learn more about DL and to reconnect with them. With perhaps the exception of Bishop Brian, there were no Padgett “scholars” amongst the group although several of us had read these texts.

As for nationalities in attendance, three were Canadian (Susan Ping, Terry and I); one Australian (Bishop Brian), and one Dane (Connie). The other participants were Irish.

The retreat began with an introduction/meet and greet circle on Friday evening at 7, followed by dinner at 8 pm. Tim invited attendees to share what started them on their spiritual journey or to share something about their spiritual path. The opening circle was really lovely; the depth and authenticity of the sharing helped to quickly build spiritual conditions and to create rapport amongst us.
Saturday morning began with a discussion about DL and our first prayer circle. I provided an explanation of our prayer culture prior to giving the opening prayer. The group was invited to share/reflect upon the experience following the prayer. After a break, Tim spoke eloquently about the Aramaic language and then offered possible interpretations of the Lord’s Prayer from the Aramaic. Merrie taught us the Lord’s prayer in Aramaic and then she invited us to hold hands and sing the song as we moved around in a circle. It was an uplifting, fun experience which added to a sense of unity amongst us. Following lunch, we had another prayer circle with Connie reading an exquisite opening prayer. Workshops followed the pm circle. These were about 2 hrs. in length. Following the workshops, the group came together to debrief/share their experience. After another break, Bishop Brian spoke for about an hour on DL, Padgett, and the spheres leading to the Celestial Kingdom. After a delicious dinner, we had a party in the main room. The music and singing provided by Sallie, Al and Anne Marie was wonderful! Sallie played the harp and pipe, Al the guitar, with Anne Marie accompanying them with her beautiful voice. Anne, Merrie and Miriam did their very best to teach us Irish dancing. It was a lovely, fun evening.

Sunday followed a similar format, beginning with an opening prayer from Bishop Brian. Following a break, Tim led us in a group healing exercise where we practiced channeling to three different partners. In this exercise, we held hands, made eye contact and sent Divine love and healing to our partner. This was a moving, powerful exercise for me personally and it appeared to be well received by the group. After lunch, participants attended a workshop of their choice. We reconvened as a group for a debriefing, final prayer and closing reflections/comments.

Participants had an opportunity to attend one, optional workshop each afternoon. Four workshops were offered: i. Merrie led a spiritual walk through the Burren on Saturday pm; ii. Miriam Robinson offered a creative art expression/art therapy workshop; iii. Mary Berkery offered a nutrition and vitality workshop; and iv. Tim offered a discussion group on transforming the soul through DL.

We reconvened as a group following each workshop and it was very obvious from the comments made that each venue was well planned and led by a gifted presenter. The quality of the workshops added much to the overall retreat - bringing us fun and inspiration, strengthening connections between us, elevating spiritual conditions, etc.

In closing, this retreat was a great success and a wonderful experience for participants who willingly shared their loving energy, perceptions and experience with one another. Loving energy, bonds and connections were formed between a diverse group of spiritually seeking souls. Many in this group appear to be open and eager to build upon the experience, and there certainly appears to be sufficient wisdom, love and skills within the group for it to move forward in some fashion (e.g. ongoing prayer circles, discussion groups, future retreats). In the closing circle, Tim’s wisdom, loving demeanor and gifts in facilitation were recognized and applauded. No doubt, he will play a critical role in moving this group forward.

Here is my report:

Report to DLSF Board on 2014 Retreats in Ireland (August 22nd to 24th), Blackpool (August 29th to 31st) and Washington DC (September 10th to 14th)

I have brought away from these blessed experiences a deeper knowing than ever before of God’s Love for me and for all creation, a stronger appreciation for the wordless ways in which we each bring the Love into our relationships and a clearer understanding of why these gatherings are so healing for us and for the world.

The first gift of the trip was the healing I received through Judy. When we embraced at our Hotel in Dublin after I had traveled without sleep for almost 19 hours, I felt/saw a flash of light go through us both. I felt Love and Healing that lifted me out of my fatigue. This was the strongest moment of personal healing I have ever consciously experienced in my life to date. It came through my humble, beautiful sister in the Love, Judy, quite unintentionally, without ego, serving as an instrument, just as she has been praying to do, and doing, for decades.

This gift of Love opened my heart wider than before, and I brought my open heart to these gatherings. For me, the primary lesson of all three retreats is that our spiritual longings are transcendent over our mental beliefs. When we gather with singleness of purpose to pray for God’s Divine Love/Will, differences fall away, harmony is created; we contribute to the web of Light that heals us, the Earth and all life-forms. Ultimately, the differences between us that challenge us are gifts; they provide learning opportunities that invite us to clear all inner obstacles to loving ourselves and others, so we can become instruments of God’s Love/Will here, now.

Every group that gathers for prayer and fellowship has its own unique “identity” or “culture” shaped by the contributions of each person. Most of those that came together at Boghill had been, in past years, members of prayer/study groups led by Faith Nyquist, hosted either by Tim and Merrie or Sallie, Merrie’s older sister. They had relationships of trust in one another and in Tim, Merrie, Sallie and Anne.

This retreat was an extension of their past learning and fellowship, enriched and brought to a new level by the central message of God’s Divine Love and the practice of that Love in group prayer and in an exercise devised by Tim. In that exercise, we paired up and silently practiced channeling the Love to one another. It was a brilliant way to convey the truth that the Love is always present and through our free will choice, we can invite it into every moment and thereby become channels of healing for one another. Love sought must be given, must be enacted; it is not for ourselves alone, it is for all life.

There was great joy in this gathering, a remarkable harmony amongst participants. Every mealtime was memorable not only for the most delicious vegetarian food, but for the nourishing, animated conversations. I was drawn to everyone, saw gifts in each person, and was delighted to get to know them better. The workshops on nutrition, spontaneous art creation, and soul development showed us ways to implement the Love in caring for our bodies, expressing our creativity, shedding our false beliefs. The Saturday night music, singing and dancing contributed to the joy of our fellowship.

Many in the group were familiar with the Aramaic language and the value of translations from the Aramaic. Tim, Merrie and Anne gave us glimpses of how the Aramaic provides a multi-dimensional pathway to understanding and incorporating the true intent of Biblical messages. Several in the group proposed that prayer gatherings such as this be continued and include study of Aramaic Biblical translations. I felt strongly that this retreat filled a deep spiritual hunger in many and that there is great potential for ongoing prayer/study groups in Ireland.

I was personally grateful for the stories about Faith that were shared with me there. One memorable story answered a question I have had about why such a devout channel of healing for so many, could herself die of cancer. Mary told me that at the end of Faith’s life, when she was terminally ill, Faith had said “There is only one thing I regret about my life. That one thing is that I gave too much of myself to the Lord.” I understood immediately what Faith was saying. In her passion to serve Christ, in her identification with what she believed was His suffering and sacrifice, she put aside her self-care. By not looking after herself, she developed cancer and realized too late, that God could not, would not, interfere with her free will choice. The cancer may have been a consequence of ignoring her own needs.

Our free will choices have great power. When we exercise our will so as to invite God into our beings, on every level, we come into harmony with God’s Will for us. Divine Love is transformative; Love embodied and enacted is the catalyst for healing ourselves, the world and everything in it.

Glenstal Abbey
Between retreats, I stayed at Glenstal Abbey, a Benedictine community that operates a guest house and boarding school for boys. I wanted to extend my prayer time in a supportive environment. An unexpected blessing that added immeasurably to the experiences there was the company of Breda, who attended the retreat in Boghill and had participated in our Blackpool retreat last October. She shared with me how she spoke to God in her prayers and daily life. In spontaneous interactions at Glenstal, she modelled how she was guided to be the Love. I treasure the many gifts I received from Breda at Glenstal.

The WHC holds such strong energies, such light and love! I felt welcomed and embraced as soon as I crossed the threshold of that wonderful place. The healing energy flowing into the WHC from God through our hosts, Anne, Tim and Merrie, worked its magic in bringing a disparate group of people together. In the group were strong Christians, believers in the Trinity, people committed to the Divine Path, a few newly in relationship with God, a Jew, a Muslim, a Hindu, an atheist. Great diversity, yet wonderful outcomes from silent group prayer, divinely-inspired facilitation from Tim, awesome hosting by Anne.

This retreat more than perhaps any other, proved to me that as long as we show up eager to pray for the Love, our Spiritual Helpers will be with us in vast numbers, dissolving barriers, forging bonds, building harmony, channeling Love, giving healing. To be successful, retreats are not dependent for their success on any one or two individuals. All that is required is that there be some present who are committed to pray for the Divine Love and willing to serve as channels for Divine Will. They will be guided, and help will be given to each participant so that all present may move closer into the healing embrace of our Creator.

Blackpool was personally rewarding for me, as I saw much evidence of the Creator’s guidance in my life and others’ lives. Every day, trust in my guidance brought me experiences that validated my inner promptings. I could also see how God works in the lives of others, and how some were brought to this retreat as an answer to prayer. Each participant, in his or her own way, was inviting God into their soul, into the circle, and we all felt God with us. The Presence of God allowed us to pray together, sing together, eat together and socialize at a level of harmony that I believe we might not have attained had we come together for a purpose other than prayer for God’s Love.

I know this will be one of countless gatherings at the WHC. It is already a sanctuary, a beacon of Light and Love in the world. We can all contribute with our prayers and material forms of support to its growth as a spiritual center for Divine Love.

Washington, DC
I was privy to the months of planning, preparing and problem solving necessary to birth this Divine Love gathering. Elizabeth was its Mother, and an inspiration to me in how she called upon God to help her resolve every dilemma, every challenge, and every doubt, with Love and in Love! Throughout, she was led by her soul, not her ego. At the retreat itself, she facilitated with utmost love and respect for everyone there. Her gentle, kind, flexible and wise leadership brought calm and centeredness to the group. Her being-in-the-Love reminded us all of why we were there.

Elizabeth’s style of facilitation was ideally suited to the group which held powerful personalities with strong convictions and many diverse ideas. Our common ground was the shared belief in Divine Love, though I am pretty certain that everyone there would have their own cherished way of talking about it!

The venue was well chosen; it provided comfortable accommodations, excellent meals, appropriate meeting spaces and a serene environment. It did not have the spiritual power of the WHC, or the natural healing energies of Boghill, but was in its own ways, very supportive of our purpose.

The healing I felt at this retreat, personally and at a group level, was the most powerful of any to date. To me, this is a function of the large number of souls present, both in body and in Spirit, who know and channel God’s Love. Our group prayers, our singing together and the two musical nights built a great deal of harmony and high spiritual conditions. Each and every person and spirit present benefitted in ways known and unknown. I believe that much was accomplished to further God’s Plan.

My Responsibility
How do I respond to what I have been given through participating in these gatherings? I do not take them for granted; I see them as gifts. I now pray for everyone in all the retreats I have been blessed to be part of; Gibsons, Caloundra, Boghill, Blackpool, Washington. I pray that the love-bonds between us grow, that Angels be with each of us, guiding and healing, that God bless us with Divine Love and opportunities to be Love-in-action. I now have a deeper sense of what it may mean to call upon the Love to dissolve and replace my doubts, judgments, false beliefs; to invite God’s Love to reside in my soul, shape my thinking, direct my actions, speak in my voice, hear in my hearing; to be a channel of Love.

Thank you DLSF Board members, for growing together in faith and love and unity.
Love, Terry

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