Minutes DLSF 8th Annual General Meeting Apr 6 2021

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Minutes DLSF 8th Annual General Meeting Apr 6 2021

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8th Annual General Meeting (2020 in Review)
April 6, 2021
Via Zoom from Gibsons, B.C. Canada
(Brooke Folk – Recording Secretary)

Special Event: Dedication to Barbara Davies
Meeting started at 2.45 pm Pacific Standard Time (5.45 pm EST)
There were (17) participants via Zoom and (1) Guest Artto Aunap
Present were: Al Fike, Jeanne Fike, Eric Fike (background), Shawna Parry all from Gibsons BC., Brooke Folk, Meyersdale, Pennsylvania; Beth Mazur, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Terry Adler, North Vancouver; Susan Kubicek, Michigan; Bill Frase, Monroeville, Pennsylvania; Kevin O’Neill, New Jersey; Jimbeau Walsh, Punalu’u, Hawaii; Lorraine Borchers, Bend, Oregon; Jane Garthshore, Robert’s Creek, B.C; Geoff Cutler, Sydney, Australia; Carol Gallager, Upstate, New York, Rickie, Ellen Hovan, Wilson, Arto Aunap (Guest) Estonia

2.45 pm - Jeanne Fike acknowledged the contributions of Geoff Cutler, Terry Adler and Jane Garthshore who were founding members of DLSF.

3.00 pm – Formal Welcome and Introductions – Jeanne Fike invited each participant to introduce themselves, state where they were from and why they were attending the AGM. Generally, comments were to honor Barbara Davies, that they were excited about the past and what will happen in the future and to serve, support and honor the work being done by DLSF.
3.10 pm – An Opening Prayer was offered by Bill Frase.
3.15 pm – Al Fike - Dedication to Barbara Davies
Al commented that his beloved Barbara Davies, who passed into spirit last year, laid the foundation for DLSF. She began praying for Divine Love in the early 1960’s and was dedicated to living Divine Love and to spreading the truth of Divine Love to anyone who would listen. She was a wonderful medium and channel for the Celestial Angels and a mentor as well. Though the group was small initially, when the time was right it sprouted into something larger as she sowed the roots, and everything grew. Without her tending to those roots and laying the foundation we would not be here. He dedicated the time today and efforts made over the years to sustain Divine Love in our community, to Barbara Davies.

Jeanne Fike paid tribute to Geoff Cutler
Jeanne stated that Geoff served a magnificent (9) years as a founding member of DLSF. His legacy was very far reaching and would last for many years. We would not be here without him. He began the DLSF Forum which is still operating, and he developed the Soul Truth website which posted all archived messages. The new-birth.net site is also very well known. He is currently working on a book on Jesus’s (20) Lessons to be published on Amazon.
Geoff Cutler replied that he first met the Divine Love group in 2012 at a retreat in Canada. He was amazed as he had never seen such an effective approach to praying for and receiving Divine Love. He was delighted to get on board with Al and Jeanne Fike to spread the word as the timing was right in their lives.
Jeanne Fike recognised the work done by Karen Lyons – Special mention was made of Karen Lyons and the extraordinary work she did in assisting to develop a system for recording and transcribing all messages. Jeanne stated that the DLSF was very indebted to her.

3.20 pm - Approval of Financial Report and Annual Report 2020
Bill Fraser (Treasurer) reported that the net profit income - $2055.69 translated in an increase in the Balance Sheets from $11,153.77 to $13,209.46 in total cash equity and that was because of travel plans being cancelled in 2020, which led to a significant savings over what was budgeted.
Motion to approve the Financial Report and Annual Report for 2020
M/S/C – Bill Frase/Geoff Cutler/Jeanne Fike/Motion carried

3.25 pm – Election of Directors – Motion to approve the election of the following new Directors.
Susan Kubicek – Appointed Director at Large
Karen Swanson – Appointed Secretary to the Board
M/S/C – Al Fike/Bill Frase/Bill Frase/Motion Carried
Geoff Cutler and Karen Lyons resigned from the Board which created two vacancies.

3.30 pm – Closing Remarks – Tribute to Barbara Davies by Terry Adler
Terry spoke of how unequivocally and fully Barbara supported the vision of Al and Jeanne Fike and the mission of DLSF at a time when it was approached tentatively. It was evidence of Barbara’s great faith and soul perception that she could see immediately what a contribution this was and had the potential to be. Her support was vital as both Al and Jeanne had to have great courage to step out and follow their guidance and were risking a lot. She was very grateful for Barbara’s role in their lives and for what it meant to both in encouraging them to continue this guidance and act upon it and manifest what was meant to be.
Barbara demonstrated to her on a daily basis what it was to live from the soul, following her soul guidance with total faith in the Creator, and humility. Humility was her hallmark and everything that happened through her, and there were miracles which happened through her, she attributed to God. She assumed no ego gratification except feeling a job well done in being an instrument of God and so she set an example for Terry which she is still aspiring to fully live. She was grateful for Barbara’s presence in their lives and even now as she continues to assist them from the Spirit World.
Bill Frase - Bill spoke of meeting Barbara in 2014 and she commented to him that he had “a deep purpose.” He was touched by her presence. Her soul shone through and he felt blessed to have met her.
Jane Garthshore – Jane commented that Barbara had a soul led approach and that she played an important role in their lives as the guidance received through her reassured them that they were heading in the right direction.
3.35 pm Closing Prayer – Jeanne Fike
During silent prayer a message was received from Barbara Davies by Al Fike.
Barbara was very pleased to be able to speak through her beloved Albert whom she nurtured and befriended many years ago and was happy to see how he had grown into a beautiful light with his mate Jeanne. She was happy to see us all come together with a true desire to serve God and to be in the light of God’s love. She assured us that she continues to work with us even those whom she did not meet in the flesh. She is with us in spirit and gives very enthusiastic support of our work for it reflects God’s will and God’s desire to bring the truth of Divine Love to the world.
She said that if we continue to pray and ask to be used as an instrument of God’s love, we will find that an angel will be with us and bright spirits as well, all working towards God’s great plan to bring salvation to humanity. She spoke of her close relationship with the angels who supported her and upheld her even during times of difficulties when she was emotionally distraught, for she felt things deeply and could see things that were not pleasant. She urged us to not let our understanding of this material world hold us back from loving and from following God’s guidance and truth. She said that it is the faith within our hearts and souls that will carry us through, for God is always here for us and his touch upon us brings healing and peace. She continued that insights would come and as the love grows in our hearts so there will be a deep compassion for all and understanding of why and how certain individuals act out their dark motivations. Even with them one becomes compassionate with this understanding and truth.
She spoke of great challenges ahead but if we persist and are consistent in our prayers and build great faith and love within our hearts, then we will overcome all obstacles and find our way on the path that God intended for us. She hopes that we would support one another in love, that we will make a difference in the world and work together with each other and with God to bring the healing that is required and that blessings will rain down on us and through us to others.
She will continue to work with us as we continue to seek God’s love and be a channel of love in the world. She thanked us for the efforts and support in bringing about this beautiful organization that is designed to help support and to bring the truth of God’s love to many.

3.40 pm Final Closing Prayer – Al Fike
Stay centered in Divine Love and expect miracles to happen!
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