8th Annual General Meeting Tues Apr 6 - 3pm PT

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8th Annual General Meeting Tues Apr 6 - 3pm PT

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Dear Friends,

We invite you to attend our 8th Annual General Meeting Tuesday, April 6 at 3:00 pm Pacific Time. the zoom login is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/275241599?pwd ... I3NVYyQT09

This Annual General Meeting is dedicated to our beloved friend, teacher and spiritual mentor, Barbara Davies who was a Founding Director of DLSF who passed into spirit on October 28. Words are not adequate to express our love and gratitude for our precious Barbara and the countless ways she upheld us and nurtured us for more than 20 years. Barbara served the lost souls on earth and remarkably, passed over into the 5th sphere! Barbara is now closer to us in many ways than she was during her last days on earth. We rejoice in the Gift of Barbara, our eternal friend, for the life she lived and all the souls she helped on their journeys to God.

Year-End Report 2020
One cannot reflect on the activities of 2020 without coming to the realization of how deeply the global pandemic impacted every aspect of the organization.
In March, Al and I were travelling in the Eastern U.S., on our 6th Annual Soul Awakening Tour, when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called all Canadians home and thus began a 2-week quarantine which continued for most of the year.
Online Circles of Light more than doubled with both the number of participants and number of sessions, thanks to increased collaboration with other Divine Love followers.
Maureen Cardoso, Jimbeau Walsh, Al and I offered a weekly Divine Love Mediumship Development Program from April 3 to June 12 - selecting topics, messages, lesson plans and homework assignments inspired by our prayers. An astonishing 43 enthusiastic participants signed up from around the world! Many participated by watching the replays. We are grateful to Terry Adler for transcribing all the presentations; to Karen Lyons for transcribing all the messages and to Beth Mazur for creating podcasts of the messages received. Thanks to the efforts of Elizabeth Mack, a program manual for future programs is currently under development.
The groundswell of Divine Love followers coming together served to foster a global community combining in prayer for Divine Love from many different time zones. The following workshops, programs and special events were all offered using the Zoom platform in 2020:
• Divine Truth Sharing offered a weekly discussion group and in response to growing concerns about the pandemic, collaborated with Al and I in a 4 part series called “Faith Over Fear”.
• Special Events held in July and August were First Nations Story Telling and Drumming with Terry Coyote Aleck and Christine Turenne; followed by The Life of James Padgett by Dennis Tormey and Susan Klein.
• Programs delivered during the summer and fall included: Explorations in Prayer with Judy Dunbar; Befriend Your Soul and Healers Development Circle with Maureen Cardoso and Living Waters Spiritual Healing; Sharing Your Spiritual Gifts with Jimbeau Walsh; and monthly Online Healing Circles with Judy Dunbar and Yvonne Riley.
DLSF involvement with the First United Spiritualist Church monthly services continued throughout the year with presentations on Divine Love, The Soul, Expiation, The Challenges of Living a Spiritual Life, Faith Over Fear, Divine Love Mediumship and Our Spiritual Paths. Debra Love, Raphael Legros and Jimbeau Walsh co-hosted a wonderful Christmas Concert at FUSC and enhanced many online circles every week with their inspired songs.
Kudos to Geoff Cutler who worked flat out (often 6 hours a day), for more than a year, to prepare a new website ‘Soul Truth’ for a soft launch in the spring of 2020 with over 1,500 unique messages from Jesus and Celestial Angels. Truly a labour of love, Geoff continues to work diligently on this site every day, responding to his unique calling that will benefit generations to come; ensuring that the Truth of Divine Love is never lost to the world again
A Founding Director of DLSF since 2012, Geoff is stepping down after a remarkable 9 years of outstanding service! Geoff’s efforts have been magnificent and because of him, DLSF will leave a substantial legacy to the world.
We are also saying a fond farewell to Director Karen Lyons who has served her 3-year term tirelessly and will not be seeking re-election. Karen’s legacy is the implementation of a system to secure and manage the messages we receive from Celestial Angels to be transcribed, organized, edited and published.
Although Geoff and Karen are both stepping down from the board, we are grateful to know they will continue to volunteer their expertise and prayerful support.
A diagram listing DLSF activities in 2020 with the names of our associates and volunteers who played a key role in each area is included in this package. We are deeply grateful to Brooke Folk of Divine Love Radio, Maureen Cardoso, Jimbeau Walsh, Judy Dunbar, Terry Adler, Bill Frase, Kevin O’Neill, Geoff Cutler, Karen Lyons, Beth Mazur, Yvonne Riley, Raphael Legros, Darlene Gaunt, Ellen Hovan and Allan Forest for collaborative efforts that we have come to rely on.
We give thanks to Karen Lyons for transcribing the lion’s share of messages received during the past 3 years and to Kevin O’Neill for maintaining our weekly Mailchimp communications.
Continuing kudos to Beth Mazur for her ongoing efforts as the founder and administrator of the DLSF Facebook group and which she initiated in 2019, and for creating our Podbean and YouTube account where she manages and posts podcasts of messages received in 2020.
Special thanks to Yvonne Riley who initiated a DLSF presence on Twitter in March with the goal of planting seeds about Divine Love and promoting access to Divine Love resources. Yvonne pinned DLSF to the top of her Twitter feed and as a result, there were 2,619 Profile Visits from people looking for more information! Yvonne began with about 100 followers and by year-end, there were 343 followers. Yvonne tweets excerpts of messages and links to full messages which she uses to promote Soul Truth, Divine Truth Sharing, Wake up Call for the Soul, New Birth and DLSF websites.
With the increase in activities on new social media platforms, we were not able to maintain a strong presence on the DLSF website forum. Still, there were almost 15,000 unique visitors in 2020, over 50,600 visits and 1.5 million hits! There were 14,078 posts in 2020 and 1500+ topics with a total membership of 450 users. Clearly, this platform must not be ignored as it continues to be important for hosting in-depth discussions on a broad range of topics.
The most popular forum topic was Contemporary Mediumship with 28,336 views. On April 8 there were 52 viewers at one time, so it is concerning to us that we have not been able to keep up.
Kevin O’Neill selected and sent out one Celestial message every week to 417 subscribers and a weekly calendar to 200 Online Circle subscribers via Mailchimp.
The LightBringers Prayer Chat Line on What’s App, initiated by Bill Frase and Raphael Legros in 2018 had 112 active participants at year-end. LightBringers and its companion group Divine Love Conversations are helping to grow and strengthen the Global Lattice of Light that connects Divine Love followers around the world.
In the Fall of 2020, Al and I were contacted by Chuck Bloodgood of Austin, Texas, who offered his services. Chuck had been receiving weekly Celestial Messages sent by DLSF and felt prompted to reach out to us. Weekly conversations with Chuck were initiated and with loving support and continued promptings by our band of Angels, Lorraine Borchers of Bend, Oregon and Bill Frase of Monroeville, Pennsylvania joined the conversations and an expanded, new LightBringers network began to evolve.
There is no doubt that the calling received by this small group is not exclusive… but rather a soul calling that reverberates with many souls around the world, each one a unique instrument in God’s service, who are also feeling a call to share their unique gifts and talents with each other in an effort to bring more love, light and harmony to the world.
In September Jesus invited Al to receive his teachings in a series of lessons that he wanted DLSF to publish. Following Jesus’ instructions, we prayed together every week and from October 1 to December 31, 13 lessons were received on the Soul’s Journey to God, the Human Condition, Expiation, the Natural and Divine Love Heavens, Divine Love Mediumship, Shattering the Errors and Illusions of the Mind and more. Geoff Cutler continues to publish the weekly lessons from Jesus at https://soultruth.ca/jesus-teachings/. Thanks to Beth Mazur, podcasts of the audio recordings are available at https://divinelovesanctuary.podbean.com/. We expect the complete book of Jesus’ teachings will be available on Amazon by summer, 2021.
This Annual General Meeting is dedicated to our beloved friend, teacher and spiritual mentor, Barbara Davies who was a Founding Director of DLSF who passed into spirit on October 28. Words are not adequate to express our love and gratitude for our precious Barbara and the countless ways she upheld us and nurtured us for more than 20 years. Barbara served the lost souls on earth and remarkably, passed over into the 5th sphere! Barbara is now closer to us in many ways than she was during her last days on earth. We rejoice in the Gift of Barbara, our eternal friend, for the life she lived and all the souls she helped on their journeys to God.

With love and gratitude,
Jeanne Fike,
March 10, 2021

Flowchart of DLSF Activities

The Year-End Financial Report
Profit and Loss Statement
January - December 2020
JAN - DEC 2020 JAN - DEC 2019 (PY)
Donations DLSF 15,927.33 29,827.51
Interest income 6.50 10.40
Total Income $15,933.83 $29,837.91
GROSS PROFIT $15,933.83 $29,837.91
Bank fees 382.78 335.17
Donations Given 63.84
Donation - Misc 210.00
Total Donations Given 273.84
Office/General Administrative Expense
Accounting Expenses 352.80 920.32
Administrative Support 1,175.00
Computer Repair & Maintenance 192.49 196.00
Office Equipment 2,746.32 41.72
Office supplies 359.00 134.39
Printing 348.36 44.17
Website Expenses 931.78 1,490.70
Total Office/General Administrative Expenses 6,105.75 2,827.30
Postage fees 23.10
Printing (brochures) 136.88
Professional fees 80.00
Retreat Expenses
Honorarium - Retreat 718.53
Permits & Fees - Retreat 79.70
Total Retreat Expenses 718.53 79.70
Technical support 1,817.40
Travel - Jeanne & Al Fike Accommodations 1,247.21 15,729.59
Travel - Jeanne & Al Fike Flights 1,107.99 4,075.58
Travel - Jeanne & Al Fike Meals 1,798.27
Travel - Other 150.45 1,690.66
Travel - Subsidy 949.80
Travel - Transportation 188.72 2,427.42
Total Travel 2,694.37 26,671.32
Total Expenses $11,992.67 $30,153.47
Exchange Gain or Loss 72.89 1.26
Other Miscellaneous Expense 1,812.58
Total Other Expenses $1,885.47 $1.26
PROFIT $2,055.69 $ -316.82
Accrual Basis Tuesday,

Balance Sheet
As of December 31, 2020
AS OF DEC 31, 2020 AS OF DEC 31, 2019 (PY)
Current Assets
Cash and Cash Equivalent
General Account 7,822.70 7,281.93
Paypal -39.68 0.00
US Account 0.00 0.00
US Bank Account 5,426.44 2,059.26
Total Cash and Cash Equivalent $13,209.46 $9,341.19
Total Current Assets $13,209.46 $9,341.19
Non-current Assets Computer 0.00 1,812.58
Total Non-Current Assets $0.00 $1,812.58
Total Assets $13,209.46 $11,153.77
Liabilities and Equity
Current Liabilities
Accounts Payable (A/P) Accounts Payable 0.00 83.15
Accounts Payable (A/P) - USD 0.00 337.55
Total Accounts Payable (A/P) $0.00 $420.70
Total Current Liabilities $0.00 $420.70
Total Liabilities $0.00 $420.70
Opening Balance Equity 40,835.43 40,835.43
Retained Earnings -29,681.66 -29,785.54
Profit for the year 2,055.69 -316.82
Total Equity $13,209.46 $10,733.07
Total Liabilities and Equity $13,209.46 $11,153.77
Accrual Basis Tuesday, February 2, 2021 04:32 PM GMT-08:00 1/1

Minutes from 2019 AGM
7th Annual Agenda General Meeting (2019 in Review)
January 12, 2020
Via Zoom from Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Special Event: World Prayer for Divine Love
World Prayer on Sunday, Jan 12 at 10:00 am Pacific Standard Time (1:00 pm EST).
There were 28 participants via Zoom and about 10 people joined via What’s App and Simultaneous Prayer plus an unknown number of people praying with us simultaneously from around the world. Special thanks to Steven Marriott, Queensland, Australia, for joining us at 4:00 am his time! And Terry Anderson, for setting his alarm to join us at 7:00 am from New Zealand.
Present: Via Zoom & In person from Gibsons, B.C. participants
Al Fike, Jeanne Fike, Debra Taylor, Betty Owen, Judy Dunbar all from Gibsons, BC., Brooke Folk, Meyersdale, Pennsylvania; Simon Lovell, Gurnsey, United Kingdom; Catherine Kent, Northern Virginia; David Lehning, Belfont, Pennsylvania; Darlene Gaunt, Surrey, B.C.; Beth Mazur, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Karen Lyons, Tell City, Indiana; Steven Marriott, Queensland, Australia; Yvonne Riley, Center Hall, Pennsylvania; Maureen Cardoso, Abbotsford, B.C.; Raphael Legros, Vancouver, B.C.; Terry Anderson, Christchurch, New Zealand; Terry Adler, West Vancouver, B.C.: Cathy Cassock, Surrey, B.C.: Kevin O’neill, New Jersey; Lorraine Borchers, Bend, Oregon; Jimbeau Walsh, Punalu’u, Hawaii; Jesse Jones, St. Louis, Missouri; Christian Blandin, France; Susan Kubicek, Michigan; Bill Frase, Monroeville, Pennsylvania; Ruth Duvall, Homosassa Springs, Florida; Paula Craig, Indiana; Debra Love, Vancouver, B.C.

9:30 am - 10:00 am a “Meet and Greet” opportunity provided a lively time for Informal conversation!
10:00 am - Formal Welcome and Introductions - Jeanne Fike invited prayers from guests; each participant introduced themselves and where they were from.
10:20 am - An opening prayer was offered up by Rev. Jimbeau Walsh
10:25 am- During a 20 minute silent prayer and blessing from Jesus concerned about intensifying Earth Changes was received through Al Fike. Confucius and Keea Atta Kem also came and added to the message from Jesus.
Closing World Prayer: Al Fike
11:00 am - Several participants made remarks about the impact of the prayer. Jesus came as a teacher and Al remarked that Jesus came into his aura so that Al could see him. Many felt a deep presence from Jesus and a strong connection with each other in spite of geographical distances between us.
Divine Love Sanctuary Foundation AGM 2020 – Business Meeting Agenda
People who stayed for part or all of the Board Meeting; Jeanne & Al Fike, Judy Dunbar, Darlene Gaunt, Karen Lyons, Betty Owen, Steve Marriott, Terry Anderson, Terry Adler, Jimbeau Walsh, Paula Craig, Susan Kubicek, Brooke Folk, Bill Frase, Beth Mazur.

11:15 - Welcome & Introductions by DLSF Board of Directors
Jeanne Fike-President
Al Fike- VP President
Karen Lyons- Secretary re-organized message transcribing process, completed a new collection about Earth changes; thankful for opportunities to serve, attend retreats and prayer meetings, get to know everyone and build relationships in person and online.
Bill Frase- Bill said that the job of treasurer is made easy by Al and Jeanne, he’s grateful to be part of all the different ministries, a lot of people doing great things, excited to be part of it during this intense time; grateful he could support the effort; started Wake-up Call for the Soul and provides oversight of the financial process.
Geoff Cutler- joined in spirit from Australia
We seek to be God-guided rather than membership-driven. Decision-making left to five people with guidance from God and His angels; next meeting will determine officers; No changes on the board for the next year.
11:20 - Approval of Minutes for AGM 2018: Karen asked if there were any changes to the minutes as written. There were none. Motion to approve the minutes of the AGM 2018 as written. M/S/C Karen Lyons/Bill Frase/motion carried.
11:25 - Approval of Annual Report for 2019 - Year End in Review: Motion to approve the Year End Report for 2019: M/S/C- Bill Frase/Karen Lyons/motion carried
Jeanne Fike reviewed the report. Eight page document to keep a record so all the achievements and activities are captured. Al said it blows him away all that has been done, increased networking, a lot of travel, nice steady trickle of donations, drop by drop. Very productive year. Bill said we connected with a lot more people and he is excited about last year and next year will take it to another level.
11:30 - Approval of Financial Report 2019: Motion to approve the Financial Report for 2019: M/S/C Al Fike/Karen Lyons/motion carried.
Treasurer Bill Frase said that the profit loss statement was received. Income was made up of donations of $15,580.36. Expenses were $29,170.64 which is mostly travel expenses for Al and Jeanne to conduct retreats around the world resulting in a loss of $13,591.54 in 2019. Bank balance $7,601.29 Canadian dollars. About $3000 Canadian will be spent in early in the year for accommodations for spring tour. Bill also made a plea for donations. A lot of people are donating time and talent as well as financial support. We are grateful to donors for prayerful and practical supports. Al added that Paypal is an easy way to donate to DLSF. Approximately $5,000 was received via paypal in donations.

11:35 - Election of Directors –
Current Directors Geoff Cutler, Bill Frase, Karen Lyons, Al Fike and Jeanne Fike will continue to serve the second year of their 3 year term. There will be no further nominations at this time.
11:40 - Closing Remarks
Debra Taylor gave her thanks. Betty said it is wonderful to see in the report all that DLSF is continuing to do in the world. As a founding member, it is wonderful to see DLSF continuing with the new board and to see the energy, love, and caring. She is very grateful and happy to see and be a part of it. Darlene was thrilled too about the report and to see what has been accomplished, the blossoming of each person, the community growing, proud of all the efforts, especially the addition of online Circles of Light, the growing Lattice of Light, Portals, and Centers of Light in the world. Exciting to be here and now and appreciate efforts and leadership by Al at the church, Terry Adler said she feels a soaring feeling and her image of founding board was that they were like fledgling birds – she said she was amazed and in awe in the growth in 7 years and growth in each person. DLSF is soaring. She remembered Jeanne saying at the start that 5 is the ideal number on the board instead of 9 and now that has come to pass. She is thankful for the galaxy of volunteers and supporters that have stepped forward. Al and Jeanne have paved the path. Darlene and Dorothy came forward and had been walking the path for many years. Full of gratitude for all the accomplishments that Al and Jeanne have modelled and the support from the Creator. A beautiful experience and wondering what the next 7 years will bring. Terry Anderson is new and wasn’t here last year and wondering what he can do to help the cause. He gave some information to someone at a spiritualist’s church. When giving Truth to another, it is difficult at first because it is so different from what they know. Terry came from New Zealand to Australia for a retreat and brought so much enthusiasm to the retreat. Judy Dunbar says it is so wonderful to be part of this and echoes Terry Adler’s comments. Amazing to see what God has drawn at the right time. God will continue to draw in what is needed. Thank you to Kevin for his help in transcribing. Jimbeau Walsh confessed that he loves board meetings to catch up on sleep or work or his music! He is thankful for the exponential soul growth and material gifts that people have given, and he wishes there was a button on Amazon to donate to DLSF. Beth expressed that she was so motivated by Jesus’s message that she created a youtube channel during the meeting and is posting a video of Jesus’s message there and will continue to post other messages. Facebook won’t allow videos to be posted but can be linked to youtube. Beth is starting the year with a good kickoff message from Jesus. Al said already Beth has helped us in many ways and will do great things. Her one year anniversary to Divine Love will be celebrated on Jan 10, 2019. Al thanked everyone for their efforts. The coming year will bring surprises and interesting people into our midst so it will be very different… we will see how it evolves - with both a sense of excitement and trepidation. We don’t intend to dilute the message of Divine Love but we also feel called to spread out exponentially and stretch ourselves beyond what we have done in the past. It will be interesting, challenging, surprising, and fulfilling. Bill feels a big theme will be diversity along a lot of different axises. Some of us will be challenged because it forces us to see things differently, a mix of exciting and challenging. A big part will be to accept anyone who comes unconditionally with love. We will all grow in leaps and bounds.

11:45 – Adjournment- with special thanks to Brook Folk for sponsoring our meeting on zoom!

Recorded by Jeanne Fike & Karen Lyons
Stay centered in Divine Love and expect miracles to happen!
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Re: 8th Annual General Meeting Tues Apr 6 - 3pm PT

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Your 3pm Vancouver is 8am Sydney on Wed. I had not realised it would be so early. Blows my prepaid exercise class.

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