Announcements from Divine Love Sanctuary Foundation

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Announcements from Divine Love Sanctuary Foundation

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Dear Friends,
To watch today’s Online Circle of Light recording with messages from Mother Mary and Confucius, please follow this link: ... IumekTziMw


Thanks to Beth Mazur, Lorraine Borchers, Ruth Duvall and Bill Frase for stepping up, we have 3 new communication groups available on What’s App, Zoom and Facebook! If you are interested in spiritual discussions and connecting with others around the world, please send me an email for more details or check out:

* Divine Love Sanctuary Facebook Page and click on GROUP to join.
Typically Al posts a question almost every day and during the first few weeks there were more than 30 topics with some incredible personal experiences shared. In fact, Eva Peck downloaded all the questions and answers posted during the first few weeks and edited them into a suitable format for wider distribution, pending permission from the participants.

* What’s App: The new Divine Love Conversations group is complementary to the What’s App LightBringers prayer chat line. This group was initiated by Ruth Duvall and Bill Frase for participants on LightBringers who wanted more conversation than simply posting a prayer request. To join the new group, contact Bill Frase on LightBringers.

*Afternoon Chats on Zoom:
Thanks to Lorraine Borchers in Bend, Oregon, for initiating an “afternoon chat” on the Zoom platform, using Brooke’s account and the same login information as we use for online circles. Since it’s only afternoon on the west coast, maybe the name of the group should be changed to Divine Love Conversations too! It’s great to use the zoom platform to see everyone on the call and to have spiritual discussions in real time.

* Divine Love Conversations on Zoom Online Circles:
Al, Brooke and I continue to make ourselves available for informal conversation half an hour before each Online Circle on the Zoom format. The connections between us are strengthened with each online circle!


• Gibsons, B.C. Canada: Al and I are hosting a Divine Love Retreat in Gibsons August 30 – September 2 in our home.
• Australia: Our dear friends “down under” are hosting prayerful gatherings in Sydney, Fitz Roy Falls and the Sunshine Coast in November.
• Hawaii: the first week of December on the island of Oahu, Makaha Beach area on the west coast in Waianae.

Please email me for further information!

With our love and prayers,
Jeanne & Al
Stay centered in Divine Love and expect miracles to happen!
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