News from the Board February 2019

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News from the Board February 2019

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Dear friends,

DLSF hosted their AGM with a World Prayer for Divine Love on Sunday, Jan 6 with participants from South America, Europe, Australia, Hawaii and across North America! Two new directors, Bill Frase from Pennsylvania and Karen Lyons from Indiana were elected to the positions of Treasurer and Secretary, joining Geoff Cutler, Al and Jeanne Fike on the board for a three year term. These opportunities are made available by Brooke Folk of Divine Love Radio using the Zoom platform and his amazing broadcasting skills! :P

The new What’s App simultaneous Prayer chat line now has over 40 participants eagerly praying from every continent in daily, weekly, in-person and global online Circles of Light building and strengthening a Lattice of Light around the world.

Our wonderful team of volunteers is increasing the availability of contemporary messages as fast as we can! Messages are posted daily in LightBringers, weekly on our website and by Geoff Cutler at Geoff has recently started another mailchimp opportunity and is sending out many messages each week! If you'd like to receive more messages delivered to your email address, please contact Geoff and ask him to include you!

DLSF has hosted almost 50 sleepovers in the first 5 weeks of 2019 in retreat making for a very busy house hold! We will be facilitating Divine Love workshops and retreats in another Soul Awakening tour in the Caribbean, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania and Missouri from Feb 16 – March 20! Details of the tour are at Everyone is welcome and we have built in flexibility for private appointments (by donation to the Foundation). We would love to meet you on the tour!

A wonderful team of Divine Love followers, including Raphael Legros, Darlene Gaunt, Ellen Hovan, Lynne White, Nadine Styan, Rick Minkler and Al Fike have all been elected to the board of directors of the First United Spiritualist Church in Burnaby! These are very exciting times as God and the Angels are calling all of us to prepare for coming earth changes and to contribute to God’s Plan for the Salvation of Mankind.

We are always looking for volunteers to help us with administrative tasks (transcribing, editing, posting messages) and to host Divine Love prayers, workshops and Circles of Light.

We will have little internet connection during our upcoming Soul Awakening Tour! Hopefully we will have internet access during our travels and be able to post pictures and stories on our DLSF Facebook page as well as LightBringers. 2019 is off to an amazing start!

With our love and gratitude, always, Jeanne and Al
Stay centered in Divine Love and expect miracles to happen!
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