Divine Love World Prayer & DLSF Annual General Meeting

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Divine Love World Prayer & DLSF Annual General Meeting

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Dear Ones,

Thanks to those who joined with us today for a Divine Love World Prayer and the DLSF AGM! There were 38 “counted” participants via Zoom, in person and what’s app….plus many more “uncounted” friends, praying with us simultaneously.

Many thanks to Brooke Folk for making it all possible! Special thanks to Raphael Legros for translating key elements and an introduction from Alberto Arrietta, Bogota, Colombia into Spanish 😊 It was a great pleasure to “meet” Alberto after 8 years of emailing! And, the most exciting news is that Alberto is inviting us all to a Divine Love Retreat in Bogota!! You can be sure we will be taking him up on his offer! Can’t wait to set a date! 2019 or 2020!

The Minutes from the Meeting have been sent out for proof-reading; the beautiful messages from Jesus and Mary are being transcribed and edited: these documents will be sent forward to online Circle of Light participants before our next Circle which is scheduled for Sunday, Jan 20. Brooke will be sending us an invitation in advance of the next circle. Please let me know if you are interested -- everyone welcome!

Al, Brooke and I are launching another online Circle of Light with the intention of trying to accommodate residents of Australia & New Zealand. (Our current Online Circle will continue every other Sunday in 2019). Since they are a day ahead of us downunder, it will be 11:00 am Wednesday – the First & Third Wednesday of each month, beginning TUESDAY, JANUARY 15 AT 7:00 PM EASTERN TIME IN THE U.S., 4:00 PM in Gibsons for Al and I, 8:00 am for Jimbeau in Hawaii. ***This will give residents in North America a second opportunity to join us online for a Circle of Light…..it will be 2:00 am for our friends in Europe – so sorry! Please pray to be drawn into the circles in your spirit bodies before you fall asleep and we will pray to draw you in! 😊

If anyone would like to join our World Wide Lattice of Light, via LightBringers, using the What’s App platform, please email me, Bill Frase or Raphael Legros for further details on how to sign up – we just need your phone number!

Here is today’s video recording of our World Prayer & AGM - https://zoom.us/recording/share/rwvP9KE ... IumekTziMw

Thank you, one and all for your wonderful participation! For those of you interested in viewing the Circle on zoom, it will be available by following this link for about a week - January 14, 2019 only.
God Bless you,
Jeanne & Al
Stay centered in Divine Love and expect miracles to happen!
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