2017 Annual Report - DLSF Year in Review

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2017 Annual Report - DLSF Year in Review

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2017 Year End in Review

Increased global out reach and increased connections with other Divine Love followers around the world continued in 2017.

We are happy to be connected to a growing and unique network of independent Circles of Light in Germany, Wales, Abbotsford, West Vancouver, the First United Church in Burnaby and Gibsons. We prayed simultaneously with these groups as often as possible. We often prayed with others via Skype and video conference call and responded to countless requests for prayerful support.

We hosted personal and group retreats several times a month when we were at home in Gibsons. Since our house was overflowing, Al under took a very ambitious project to renovate our Garden Guest House. It is now fully self-contained with its own kitchen and living space.

During April and May we travelled through the western states of Washington, Oregon and California. We met up with many wonderful spiritual seekers who also pray for Divine Love. Altogether we prayed in 9 different locations with from one individual to more than 20 individuals in Indio!

During this adventure we met long time devotees of the Divine Love movement… In some instances for the first time, although meeting these “strangers” felt more like meeting family .... the wonders of the internet….so amazing to meet spiritual seekers online and then meet them in person to pray together!

In 2017 our online connections continued to grow and expand around the world. There are now almost 300 members on the website forum and over 12,000 posts on a broad range of spiritual topics....The topic of Mediumship attracted the most attention, with over 12,000 views alone!

Special thanks to Darlene Gaunt, Raphael Legros and Allan Forest who use their technical expertise to assist us techno-dinosaurs with social media! They record our presentations; produce videos, keep our website updated, post live feed on Facebook and other technical stuff we know so little about!

Thanks to Maureen Cardoso who keeps selecting and churning out one message per week via mail chimp, It is a joy to hear back from people around the world who are isolated and who really appreciate the beautiful teachings from our Celestial spirit guides. We correspond with folks living in the Philippines, India, Africa, the U.K., South America, Hawaii and the continental US. Every week it is like Christmas, receiving letters and prayer requests from around the world. Truly an inspiration!

The global network of Divine Love seekers is growing exponentially! There is no greater joy than to hear from others sharing their spiritual experiences and engaging in simultaneous prayer! We appreciate the efforts of Eva Peck and Michael Nedbal, co-editors of the FCDT Newsletter keeping everyone in the broader community connected.

The number of people responding to posts on the DLSF Facebook page is also a source of growing positive connections with people living in far-off places.

DLSF continued in its efforts to support love-in-action projects by hosting fundraisers. 10 Hippo Rollers were shipped to Drimiopsis Settlement Camp in Namibia along with funds to sustain meals for the HIV orphan children living in the desert camp.

The devoted founders of DLSF, including Terry Adler, Betty Owen and Judy Dunbar have formed a new, independent non-profit society in B. C. and are currently developing an application for Canadian charitable status. The name of the new society is Children’s Sanctuary Namibia Society. DLSF will continue to raise funds for the residents of Drimiopsis Settlement Camp and continue to work in partnership with CSNS on all fundraising initiatives.

In the fall of 2017 we were blessed to have Helge Mercker from Namibia and Geoff Cutler from Sydney, Australia join us and others in retreat for two months. It was a blessing to have all four board members together in prayer and supplication. The local Divine Love followers in Western Canada were thrilled to participate in prayer circles with Helge and Geoff.

In 2017 we received hundreds of messages from Celestial Guides and Teachers. It is challenging to keep up with transcribing, proofreading, posting online and printing. Our “Dream Team”, including Judy Dunbar, Terry Adler, Darlene Gaunt, Betty Owen and Maureen Cardoso welcomed two new members to the team in the spring of 2017. They are Maggie Kavanagh who lives in the Kootenays (B.C.) and Lorraine Borchers who lives in Bend, Oregon. Each of them brings their fervent prayers to receive Divine Love and to support one another on our unique spiritual journeys. As a result of our joint effort, several publications were posted and distributed containing messages channelled through Al that were received in various locations during the year. These collections are posted on the DLSF website.

We believe these messages from Jesus and Celestial Angels are meant to be shared with the world… This is an ambitious challenge; we are very grateful and humbled by the prayerful support and volunteer efforts of those who believe in our mission and support us in so many ways.

As we begin 2018 we are about to take a giant leap of faith and embark on a trip to Queens, New York; Monroeville, Pennsylvania; Homosassa Springs, Florida and Hawaii! In September we plan to participate in the Phoenix Divine Love retreat hosted by Patricia Doyle and attend the After Life Research and Education conference.

We are deeply grateful for the Celestial band of Angels who watch over us….for their endless patience; for helping us to be more prayerful and for helping us open our souls to reach ever higher and more intensely to receive God’s Great Blessing of Divine Love.

Jeanne Fike,
Stay centered in Divine Love and expect miracles to happen!
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Re: 2017 Annual Report - DLSF Year in Review

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Thank you, dear Jeanne! Truly appreciate all your efforts and this year in review.

See you SO soon!

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