Please help us feed orphan children in Namibia!

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Please help us feed orphan children in Namibia!

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It’s that time of year again!! The Fike’s have a triple celebration: our son Paul will be 37; it’s our 41st anniversary tomorrow and Al’s 63rd birthday on Tuesday! These celebrations dovetail nicely with our bi-annual fundraising campaign to feed Orphan Children, the sick and elderly in Drimiopsis Settlement Camp in Namibia, Africa! Al and I have set a fundraising goal to raise $1500 every six months because that’s what it costs to feed 120 children one meal a day for 6 months!

In lieu of cards and/or gifts, Al is requesting donations of any amount to feed the kids. Did you know there are 16 million orphan children in Southern African countries from the AIDS epidemic? So many living in child families, with little adult support. It’s 50 km to the nearest café from Drimopsis and 3 km to the nearest school – a very isolated camp in the middle of the Namib desert with a 100 huts and as many cardboard shanti huts all round. There are few adults in the camp able to get the children to school….kids without shoes or money for school clothes. Volunteers working with our dear friend Helge Mercker, prepare milimeal, beans and rice meals on an open cooking fire. They make bread using donated solar ovens. It’s winter there and very cold. Al and I visited the camp in February, 2014 – it was a life changing experience! We were deeply moved by the resilience of the kids - dancing and singing with them was the thrill of a life-time! It costs only 50 cents a meal! So any donation, any amount, goes a very long way! Please send any donations to Divine Love Sanctuary Foundation 488 Central Avenue, Gibsons, B.C. Canada V0N 1V1 Many thanks and God Bless!
Stay centered in Divine Love and expect miracles to happen!

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