Soul Love Tour Namibia - 2019

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Soul Love Tour Namibia - 2019

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Dear friends

Here an article as was published in the November edition of the FCDT newsletter sharing more on the experiences of our Soul- Love-Tour 2019.


“If we pray, we will believe; If we believe, we will love; If we love, we will serve.” – Mother Teresa

These words of Mother Teresa reflect the truth, for as we pray for the Divine Love and grow closer to God, we realize the urge to serve God and follow His Will in deeper ways. The desire to love with God’s Love and to fulfill our soul mission becomes more evident to our consciousness. One way of serving – God uses us in many different ways – is in reaching out in love to our poor and disadvantaged brothers and sisters in society. An example of this is providing love and service to the San people in Drimiopsis, Namibia.

For ten days in August 2019, Divine Love soul sisters Betty Owen, Judy Dunbar and Diane Mawson came to Namibia to join me in my work at the Children’s Sanctuary serving orphans and vulnerable children in the local San community. Those days in Drimiopsis were filled with a great sense of harmony and being in the flow of God’s Love. This was the result of a singleness of purpose amongst us, for each was devoted to praying for God’s gift of Divine Love and to being used as His channels of love. As founding members of the board of Children’s Sanctuary Namibia Society, all four of us held the children, the Sanctuary land, and the volunteers deeply in our hearts and prayers. At their first meeting with Chief Ita and Theresa Matengu (founding members of the local Children’s Sanctuary Namibia), Judy, Diane and Betty felt an instant deep soul recognition with them. We knew that God had brought us together through the power of our collective prayers; truly a deep blessing for us all. We spent hours each day on the Sanctuary land with Chief Ita, the soup kitchen volunteers, and the orphaned children. As school was out, we hosted a daily soup kitchen feeding 75 orphans and dozens of other children from the community. Thanks to a generous donation, the children received a special food item with their meals, such as meat, oranges, apples or peanut butter sandwiches. They truly relished these unexpected treats!

Chief Ita invited community elders to the Sanctuary land for daily healing/prayer circles held after the children’s meals. Many of the children joined the prayer circle which was very special with God’s Holy Touch felt by all. Even the birds came close and joined in as we gathered underneath a thorn tree. It was a rare privilege and a powerful, cross-cultural experience for the three Canadians to be with these resilient souls, each speaking their prayers aloud to God from their hearts and sharing songs and stories. (You are welcome to simultaneously join us in our prayers as these circles continue daily at 3 pm Namibian time.)

Our visitors spent three mornings at the Kindergarten where they enjoyed a real hands-on experience with the staff and children. They were warmly welcomed by the teachers and were impressed by the teachers’ commitment and caring for the students. CSNS (Children Sanctuary Namibia Society) enjoys a special relationship with the Kindergarten as the Society funds its daily food program and Diane Mawson’s North Vancouver, B.C. Kindergarten class is a “buddy class” with the Sanveld Kindergarten. Our guests brought to the school a variety of books, games and other teaching resources and enjoyed introducing some of these to the delighted staff and students.

The days were filled with laughter, joy and harmony. As we gathered around the evening fire reflecting on the day’s work, we came to recognize that our desire to serve brought us into the flow of God’s Will with each moment. It was a prayerful and joy-filled time. Our humble prayers to be instruments of God’s Love opened our souls for His Love to flow. As love flowed, hearts opened and we connected with others in love. Through working and praying together, bonds were strengthened and deepened.

The lack of focus on the material poverty, neglect and desperation that surrounded us in Drimiopsis was surprising. Rather, we were struck by the richness, beauty and openness of the souls we met in this place of such austerity and need. Their ability to be so present and willing to connect on a soul level was an unexpected gift to us. What our physical eyes saw did not register as profoundly as what our souls “saw” in each moment. As we moved in this flow, we experienced the warmth and welcome of community members, especially the children. Serving in love, we were loved and cared for. We felt blessed in the reciprocity of giving and receiving; our hearts felt rich and happy. Francis of Assisi spoke truth when he said “For it is in giving that we receive.”

One of our guests commented: “During our time on the Sanctuary land in Drimiopsis, our souls expanded in love and sang with the realization that this trip was a deep blessing and an answer to prayer. So much of the soul was revealed, opened and given through the loving act of service and much was received. We discovered the reciprocity of giving by stepping forward without expectation, being present with openness, honesty and love. The results were beautiful,surprising, uplifting and abundantly soul affirming. “

After leaving, our service to God continued as we ventured north to Etosha National Park to be amongst God’s Creation. We prayed deeply for the land, for rain, for the people and the animals. The angels accompanied us on our journey and helped us to experience spectacular animal sightings. The blessings and gifts continued through our heightened awareness of the deep harmony inherent in God’s Creation.”

As we grow on our spiritual path of Divine Love, our ultimate mission and soul destination is service. The form of service is often determined by the gifts within. Prayers and deepest soul longings for our Father’s Divine Love help us to expand the light and hone the gifts of our soul. They are the vehicles to get us to our destination by revealing the sign posts for the direction we must travel in our service to God.

We invite and thank you for your prayerful and practical support.
With love and gratitude, your Soul-Tour- sisters : Judy, Diane, Betty and Helge.

To learn more about this visit and the progress being made on the Sanctuary land and “Mother House”, and/or to make a donation to help build the Sanctuary for orphaned children in Drimiopsis, please visit our website
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