Boundaries - Setting and Keeping

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Boundaries - Setting and Keeping

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Hello All,

This may seem like a secular topic, but, it's central to our spiritual growth.

Setting and keeping personal boundaries is an important life skill that is often a challenge to master. When we commit to the Divine Love path, we quickly find that boundaries shift as we develop in God's Love. This can cause renegotiation of boundaries in our relationships with others.

As children, we learn that boundaries are different everywhere we go. We must be quiet in the library, we can run at the beach, etc. So, we all learn early to constantly push and test boundaries. That doesn't mean we don't want them, on the contrary! Boundaries keep us safe and we know it. For example, when we board a carnival ride, or, perhaps an airplane, we strap-in or lock down the bar...and then we test it...we want it to hold!

Yet, when our boundaries are pushed and tested by others, we often cave under the pressure. Why? Perhaps we don't feel entitled to the boundaries we set for ourselves, or are otherwise uncertain of the wisdom of keeping them.

Given our perspective from the teachings of the Padgett Messages, what might we learn about boundaries?

The first thing to note is that boundaries are an individual matter. As humans, we like to fit in with the crowd, but, when it comes to boundaries we are meant to be ourselves! Every soul is unique and so different, one from each other, that we all have slightly different needs. In fact, it's SO HARD for ANY TWO SOULS to be fully compatible, that God (in His wisdom and mercy) chose to split each single soul into two parts, just so that everyone would have someone they could enJOY with little conflict (soulmates). So, our particular boundary-needs are as unique as we ourselves.

The second thing to note is that personal boundaries are vital for our well being!!! Needs and wants are not the same, yet many people confuse the two. I affirm that we each NEED boundaries in order to thrive!! Do you doubt? Consider this: God respects boundaries. Indeed, His ENTIRE CREATION is composed of them! The sea is bound by the shore, mountain by valley, forest by meadow, etc. Give this idea a thought for a moment!! Those are just a few boundaries here on Earth. If we started listing them we would find boundaries are everywhere in Creation.

In the world of spirit, boundaries are so stringent that one cannot cross them until/unless one achieves the required soul-condition to do so. Even those in higher spheres, who are permitted to access any sphere lower, may not DWELL there. They may only visit, for a longer or shorter time, depending upon how closely the place matches the condition of the soul's own home. Even's home can only be where one is fit to dwell!!! So, boundaries are part of God's Creation. Resistance is futile (or, at least counter-productive). :lol:

When we are in relationship, our boundaries will naturally differ from the boundaries of others. Hopefully they will respect our is up to each of us to set and uphold our own.

Easily said, sometimes challenging to do, but, worth it!

As we continue to grow spiritually and our needs shift, let us pray for guidance in setting appropriate boundaries and also pray for the courage to stand firmly and safely within.

Much Love,

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