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Missing you!

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Dear Ones,

It's been months since I've been able to sit at my desk and laptop for more than a few minutes! As John Melmer stated, there is a spiritual basis to all conditions of the body and I accept this premise. I've been on a 7 month journey of pain with 4 lower back disks bulging or herniated. Sitting, walking and standing are painful, especially sitting -- so my sitting time is planned mainly around prayers and meals with Al! He must have taken those vows "For better or worse" very seriously because he has, indeed, been taking care of our retreat guests, in person Divine Love Circles of Light, all the cooking, cleaning, shopping, gardening, household repairs -- the WORKS!

Thank heaven i can still use my cell phone; however, it is almost impossible to read posts here in the forum on the tiny screen - so again, I depend on Al to keep me posted on the news here and I do join in all the prayer requests. I respond to emails and Facebook posts on my phone to a limited extent.

Al has set up our massage table in the living room - our blessed sanctuary -- so I am most grateful to entertain our guests while reclining :P and I can stretch out as needed for prayers.

I hope everyone here is aware of the new Face Book closed group. Al typically posts a question every morning and the responses have been wonderful. Special thanks to Eva who has been downloading all the conversations for us in hopes of someday publishing a book! Over 30 topics already!

Our online Circles using the Zoom Platform as well as our What's App LightBringers Prayer chat line continue to strengthen the connections between us! The next online circles are this Sunday Jan 2 and Tuesday Jan 4 (Jan 3 and Jan 5 for those living "down under"). *** Please contact me if you'd like to participate. Our beloved Celestial Guides are encouraging us every day to pray for an infusion of God's Divine Love into our souls and into the world! The Lattice of Light needs all of us around the world!

Al and I are hosting a Divine Love Retreat in Gibsons August 30 - September 2. We also have some openings in August for small gatherings/ possibly personal retreats. On Oct 31 Al, Jimbeau Walsh, Maureen Cardoso and I are all headed to Sydney! Poor Geoff!! Here we come! We will be praying with Geoff in Sydney, then travelling to Fitz Roy Falls where Susan and Michael Lytton-Hitchins will be hosting a Divine Love Retreat the weekend of November 8. Following a return to Sydney, we fly to the Sunshine Coast where we hope to rendevouz with Eva Peck and meet her dear husband Alex! Peter and Clare Heiblom, along with Paula Reid are hosting another Divine Love Retreat in their beautiful Ancient Gardens where Peter has the largest collection of cycads in the world! We expect the Sunshine Coast Retreat will be over a long weekend, Nov 22 - 24. These gatherings are still in the planning stages so if anyone here is interested in joining us, please contact Al and I.

On our return trip to Canada we are hosting another Divine Love Retreat in Hawaii with a contingent of devout Canadians joining us there, including Terry Adler, Darlene Gaunt, Dorothy Clauson, Raphael Legros and Ellen Hovan with usual suspects Michael Nedbal, Carolyn Stokes, Gilda Holy and Jimbeau Walsh who live in that magical isle joining us in prayer from November 29 - December 8. Our dear friend Lorraine Borchers (Bend, Oregon), Karen and Randy Lyons (indiana) and Raphael's mother from REUNION ISLAND (Indian Ocean/ east of Madagascar) will be staying together in a house rented by Lorraine. If others are interested in joining us for prayers (in Makaha), please let me know.

Well I think I have exhausted my sitting time for today so I will sign off from this forum with my deepest gratitude to everyone who has posted here! I am expecting a call any day now to confirm my surgery to remove a protrusion (bone chip) which has been pressing on my sciatic nerve - causing the pain. As soon as I get the call I will be posting a prayer request!

In the meantime I would welcome your emails and presence on other platforms as well!

Love and God Bless, Jeanne :P
Stay centered in Divine Love and expect miracles to happen!
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