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New Mail Chimp list

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New high-frequency Mailing list.

I sent out an invite to my own Mail Chimp list and have over 70 on a new high-frequency mail list. As this has proved so popular, I am repeating the invite here. The link below is not on my web site nor on DLSF.

I am now offering ten messages a week, all of which come from Al Fike or Maureen Cardoso. This has come about because some 400 messages a year are being received but only about 50 a year are being shared on Mail Chimp, and not a lot are being placed on the DLSF web site.

Please do not sign up if you do not want a lot of messages. I also plan to go back a few years as some incredible material is available that has not been seen previously.

Sign up here

High Frequency DLSF Mail List

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