Jesus: My autobiography by Louise Spalding

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Jesus: My autobiography by Louise Spalding

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This was brought to my attention today. Louise Spalding has a raft of books that are channeled. So I bought the ebook.

I have to call this a book based on fraudulent channeling. In other words I do not believe the "jesus" in this book is the Jesus we have known now for 100 plus years. I am not saying the medium knows this or is in any way being deliberately a fraud. But I call it bogus based on:

1. Jesus was never in India. We know that because he has told us so, a long time ago.

2. Jesus did not need to go to India, because his teaching on how to be reborn of spirit are not known in India. Even today. And as evidence I call on my dear friend Yogananda.

3. Jesus did not marry Mary Magdalene.

4. This book has "new age" wisdoms if I can call them that, but it never attempts to discuss Jesus' central teaching - rebirth by spirit.

Sad, because it would be excellent to have a genuine autobiography. For reasons I do not wish to elaborate on I am less than impressed with Book Four in the Ubook, even as I value pretty much all of the rest.
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