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Re: Mind vs. Soul

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And in spite of Pamela believing animals have souls
Understanding the difference between soul and spirit can be a hard thing to understand. I do know that animals have an after life other mediums speak of this and those who have had a near death experience have seen their pets on the other side.

This gives a pet owner and animal lover hope that they will see their pets again. I would be upset if my pets won't there to greet me in heaven. God loves us and cares about our desires. The fact that we love our pets and want them there they will be there because God cares about the little things.

Animals seem to have something eternal in them because they seem to have feelings and know when they do wrong. I don't believe anything could live without a soul or spirit. Now maybe there is a difference in a soul and spirit and I don't really know what to call it but I know there is something eternal in animals and people.

I always thought the spirit was the higher self and the soul the thoughts and feelings of that living person. But I could be wrong. Only God knows. Another interesting topic to study.

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