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Re: The Magic Bowl

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Thank you, Al and Vee for sharing your stories of being a link of love in someone life. I believe we are all little links of love without even knowing it. We may touch souls at a level unknown to us -- and may be surprised when we pass over at how many souls we have touched and helped in this life.

Another comment by Al resonated with me and that is: "I made the bowl in love, I put my love into it in the form of admiration and I think that that dedication made a difference to that object. It transformed it to some degree and it had a purpose to it which was fulfilled."

I believe that this is true. A study has been done in Japan showing that love and good thoughts actually have the effect on transforming water molecules into beautiful patterns whereas hateful thoughts do the opposite. It would follow that loving thoughts transform other substances as well and objects made of those substances. Also, since our bodies are 75% water, transformation would occur inside our bodies as a result of our thoughts and that too is a proven fact. Anger and hate and similar emotions make our bodies acidic, which is an unhealthy condition making our bodies prone to disease. By contrast, loving thoughts make our bodies alkaline and thus resistant to disease. Just recently I came across this article,, showing how gratitude is a very beneficial emotion to our health and well-being. So I believe that anything we create with love will bless the recipients of our efforts.

Love, Eva

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Re: The Magic Bowl

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Thanks Eva for adding to this story. Pottery is basically glass crystals fused together. I think that all crystals broadcast energy signals or vibrate on various frequencies. So like water, it absorbs what energy you put into it. I've seen people come up to my table during a sale and stroke the bowl or whatever object they are drawn to and I swear that they are receiving something from it. There are many layers to God's Creation. I'm just happy to have this wonderful creative outlet and to be able to share what I've made. Much love......Al
Endless journey,endless Love.

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