What are the Barriers to Listening to our Souls?

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Re: What are the Barriers to Listening to our Souls?

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Pamela wrote: Have you ever heard of being baptism in the Holy Spirit? You can find the baptism of the Holy Spirit though out the book of Acts and in I Corinthians 12,13 and 14.

The Holy Spirit gives the believer supernatural power to do God's work. This promise is to all born again believers. All you have to do is ask Jesus to baptize you with the Holy Spirit and power and you will be able to do greater works then Jesus did.

Dear Pamela,

We have established you do pray for Divine Love, you said so yourself. Every time you feel the glow in your soul, you are being baptised by the Holy Spirit. I am not sure why you refuse to read the P Messages, because you have many concepts that are not correct. And then you set them out here, and I guess we should correct them, since this is a Divine Love board espousing Padgett's work, yet its very tiresome to do so. It will come across as argumentative, yet I am upset by seeing untruth on our site without it being challenged.

As a further example of your messed up concepts, you cannot be "born again" in five minutes by asking Jesus or a minister to do something. It took Jesus 33 years, Al has been going at it 40 plus years, and I am a youngster at 16. And we are not yet "finished". We do not in fact know of a SINGLE human, other than Jesus, who ever completed this on earth. THAT is the truth.

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