Sharing the Divine Love on the Road

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Sharing the Divine Love on the Road

Post by AlFike »

Jeanne and I have recently returned from a 5 week Divine Love magical mystery tour. We traveled from Vancouver Canada to New York, Pittsburgh PA, Tampa Fl. and on to Oahu Hawaii. What a rich and full time it was and as always, we are glad to be back home in our little town of Gibsons. It aint like New York or any other place we've been. The peace and quiet here is palpable. My overwhelming sense of the US is that it is crowded :shock: . Canada is such a small country in comparison. You can fit all the people of this vast country into California. Yup, the state of California is more populous than our entire country. Though I do not have any sense of envy towards our American cousins to the south. I just hope that not too many realize that there is a Shangrilaw to the north that remains obscured by thoughts of igloos and frozen wastelands. In my mind, we live in paradise. Wet paradise at the moment but you can't have everything. I would love some California weather right now ;) .

Like most of our Divine Love travels, we were lead to go forth and pray with others. Having put out the word that we were willing to join with our friends to share in circles of light, we received invitations from Hal Eisenburg in Queens NY, Bill Frase in Monroeville PA, Ruth Duval in Homossasas Springs Florida and Jimbeau Walsh in Hawaii. Our plan was to help initiate prayer circles and retreats in all of these places. In Queens Hal has a church ( Hollis Woods Church) that he caretakes and uses for youth programs and spiritual projects. Its the perfect venue for having a weekend retreat. We actually had two retreats there, book-ending weekends in between 3 days with Bill Frase in Pennsylvania. Jeanne's sister Judy, a long time Divine Love follower, joined us for this segment of the trip and added her light to our efforts. We also promoted a Sunday talk in Manhattan on one of those weekends and attracted 17 people thanks to Raphael Legros who accompanied us from Vancouver as well. Hal, as always was welcoming and enthusiastic. The church has a beautiful spiritual energy about it and I have always had a dream of establishing an active center of light there. In fact I've had a vision of this which I think I have shared in past posts. We did not bring in crowds of people to our gatherings there but those who came were indeed touched by the Love. We made some good friends through these days of prayer and I see these events as reinforcing a presence of Love in this church. Maybe some day these centers of light will be a reality. Catherine Kent joined us from Washington DC as did Kevin O'Neil from NJ.Getting together with our Divine Love friends was certainly a bonus and their presence with us in our talks and retreats were a real blessing. Seeing Bill and family on their home turf was a treat. Their hospitality was generous and put us at ease immediately. We met Bill's wife Wendy, his son and his mother in law Penny and the inestimable Brooke Folk. Our prayers in their home were beautiful and full of Grace. I find that these small groups often have a lot of spiritual power and we all benefited greatly from God's Blessings showered upon us.

After a whirlwind tour of the Eastern Seaboard and PA was soon over and we flew down to Tampa to meet Ruth and friends. I was thinking that Homossasas Springs would be low key and a bit of a rest. God had different ideas however. Thanks to both Jimbeau Walsh and Ruth having spiritual contacts in Florida, we had a steady stream of company and of course we prayed with each one. Kristen Lortie came down from Michigan and thought she would visit for just an afternoon since she also has a home in Florida but landed up staying for the entire time. Having the vivacious and engaging presence of Kristen with us added to the atmosphere of joy and sharing. Jesse Jonas from St. Louis made every effort to join us too but was thwarted by bad weather and his flight was cancelled. He wants to come up with his family to see us in Canada and we look forward to that possibility. Ruth received some powerful healings while we were together and is not needing her walker to get around any more. Many who came by for prayers and discussions were deeply moved and were encouraged on their spiritual journeys. It was a very fluid, God Guided time in Florida. We all felt enriched, blessed and received deep healings. We hope to return next year to do it all over again.Letting god orchestrate things made for each day to be full of surprises and unexpected encounters. Going on faith is the way to go.

Next, the loooong flight from Tampa to Honolulu. We were to meet Geoff Cutler, Maureen Cardoso, Judy Dunbar and Betty Owen for the first week of our visit. We have an ongoing prayer and spiritual project that we are working on together and Geoff suggested that we meet in Hawaii to lessen his travel commitment and to be in the warmth of Hawaii. We missed Helge Merker who could not be with us because her father was critically ill. He subsequently passed over while we were in Hawaii. Keep your prayers open on his behalf. We had intense prayer times together and discussions around planning our future efforts bringing the Divine Love truths to the world. Jimbeau Walsh also joined us in prayer. We also met with and prayed with Michael Nedbal. Carolyn was still recovering from surgery, so was unable to join us. Week two was an open retreat and we were joined by members of the FUSC spiritualist church in Vancouver who were eager to have the Divine Love experience. Darlene Gaunt also came over and was an invaluable contributor to this week long prayer retreat. Magie and Gordon Cavenah from BC also joined us in our prayers together Those who were new to Divine Love really got it while we were together. They were on fire to bring this truth to their church. Raphael legros along with others have been making inroads with this church for years and it appears that their efforts are paying off big time. This may be the first Divine Love church with walls to be established in the world. Keep praying that the congregation will come into agreement regarding pursuing the Love. Of course the church will never be fully a Divine love church since their mandate is to welcome all religions and beliefs but if the most powerful influence there is God's Love then who knows what may happen . My experiences praying and speaking in this church have been pretty amazing. Jeanne and I will be speaking there this Easter Sunday. Please pray in support of our work there.

Now that we are home I look back on these past weeks in amazement of all the dear souls we have met and prayed with. Even outside of our designated commitments to prayer, we met many lovely souls who would show up in the most serendipitous ways. We met a Hawaiian named Neil on a walk in a lovely botanical garden. We immediately connected as he gave us a lesson in the local Hawaiian culture. You can see pictures of us on facebook practicing the traditional Hawaiian greeting which he taught us. We also visited with Gilda Holy and family in Waianie . Everywhere we went God had us meet open and beautiful souls. These are the experiences which enrich our lives and bring soul to soul connections with others. Our part is to step out in love and openess to the world and God is sure to bring many souls upon our path. There is no better way to teach the Divine Love than to pray and lovingly connect with others. Jeanne and I will never know all the ways that God used us to bless others as a channel of His Love but those experiences that we recognized continue to bolster our faith and spur us on to more spiritual adventures on God's Magical Mystery Tour . Just , may you give us a little time for contemplation and rest dear God ;) . We love you and thank you for all the wonderful blessings you continue to pour upon us. Much love from back home in Canada........Al
Endless journey,endless Love.

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Re: Sharing the Divine Love on the Road

Post by Brooke »

Thank you Al for that written tour description of your weeks enjoyed since leaving Monroeville. I often wondered about your daily events and the energy levels it took to keep up with your itinerary. The adjective used in front of my name made me blush, probably like when I address you and a few others as DL Celebrities. It's good to have you and Jeanne back in your nest.

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Re: Sharing the Divine Love on the Road

Post by jeanne »

Brooke, one of the highlights of the trip was meeting you! Thank you for making the effort to join us - you will always have a special place in our hearts! I just love the interviews I've heard on Divine Love Radio!! You, ROCK!!

And Catherine!! My beloved soul sista!! Meeting you was an awesome experience....I'm so impressed by all your gifts! And look forward to a life long friendship working with you in the flow of God's Love!

Well I could go on and on with my impressions.....SO HAPPY to be with Bill Frase again and meet his amazing family! What a treat! And of course our beloved friend Ruth....who gives and gives and gives!

It was such a divine mix of old friends and new friends....all connected in God's Love! Nothing can get better than that! Hal, Kristin, Kevin -- such colourful characters on this glorious path Divine-- so much fun! Too many stories to share here in writing! We found ourselves saying "What happens in NYC STAYS in NYC".....then "What happens in Monroeville STAYS in Monroeville"....then "What happens in ___ STAYS in ____". Yes it was so much fun!

The two back to back / week long Divine Love retreats in Hawaii were as special as Al describes; each one unique. The blessings just kept flowing prayer after after day! We have a sweet knowing that we will be returning to each destination and that the connections we made will be ever-lasting.

Kristin and Ruth want to organize a Divine Love Cruise out of Florida sometime in March, 2019....Al promised to look into options and prices; I am eager to negotiate with the various cruise lines about getting the best room possible to host our prayer meetings. We will keep you posted.

We are so happy to be our blessed sanctuary and our own bed! Our lives seem to be one continuous retreat now....typically two hour long prayers every day with many guests who are drawn to the Light praying with us.

Spring has arrived here on the west coast of Canada and there are beautiful flowers and shrubs popping up in the garden....along with Orca whales visiting our shores -- hummingbirds, jays, robins, eagles soaring overhead.... so blessed! Love and God Bless, Jeanne :P
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