God's Love in Sacred Sound

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God's Love in Sacred Sound

Post by AlFike »

Just wrote this poem. Hope you like it......Al

God’s Love in Sacred Sound

Sing your truth heavenwards my child,
A melody in rhyme.
Take some time to pray dear one,
So that you may sing your song sublime.

A song to please the Lord this day,
Your words a chorus true.
And let those chords you sing of earthly things,
Give way to longings born of wings.
Where heartfelt cries and lonely sighs,
Draw you back home again.

So few there are who sing to Him in ways where light takes flight,
Alighting soft as butterflies upon the Golden door.
To bring once more increasing joy to those who dwell therein,
Where angels live in service give ,
To God whom they adore.

He awaits patiently for that melody that you alone must bring.
So sing my friend of truth and love,
All error be denied.
A sweet song of hope and charity is what you must confide.

And in the wake of true hearts revealed,
Many songs you will come to know.
God will surely pour into you my friend,
Refrains rich and full.

In Essence Light burning bright,
touching tender soul.
You quaver there, songs still as air,
Knowing you have found your goal.

Oh God of light, may this song alight upon your eager ears.
Where nothing wrong can go beyond,
This ground awash with tears.
I’ll push away those hollow songs so blind to light and joy.
And bring to you sweet melodies
It’s lyrics to employ .

So in this tale of soul felt things,
In God’s truth I'll sing all that my soul can bring,
A gift to You, a tribute true.
For in Love's devotion I will belong,
To that choir proclaiming light in song.
So to become another one,
Your child in golden hues.

You must rest my lonely singer, in God’s embrace enfold.
And on His wings of grace and Love,
Your soul songs to be told.
For that is where we all belong ,
in those loving words our souls are strong.
Where songs of rich melodies ,
Will bring us deep abiding peace.

For in these words salvation stirs,
Where gifts of Love Divine abound.
No greater truth can there be found,
Knowing God’s Love in sacred sound.

Endless journey,endless Love.

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Re: God's Love in Sacred Sound

Post by Maureen »

Dear Al,

Thank you for sharing and writing your poem!! What a beautiful way to connect with God and express all that moves through you. Wonderful to be witness to your continued unfolding and growth in your commitment to serve His Will!!

With Love,

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Re: God's Love in Sacred Sound

Post by DennisT »

Very beautiful, Al. Thank you for sharing these lines of prose. :D

Love and hugs,


Helge Mercker
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Re: God's Love in Sacred Sound

Post by Helge Mercker »

I love this part most:

So rest my lonely singer, in God’s embrace enfold.
On wings of grace and Love,
Your soul songs to be told.
For that is where we all belong ,
in that loving flow filled with song.

Dear Al
absolutely beautiful, deeply touching.
What joy to join the choir
in singing the songs of soul.
In gratitude for sharing your gifts,

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