Brooke folk Divine Love Man of the Year

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Brooke folk Divine Love Man of the Year

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We met Brooke four years ago to the day. here is a tribute to this most remarkable soul:

Although our Divine Love community is small, it is certainly filled with diverse and interesting personalities from all over the world. The backgrounds and skill sets represented by our eclectic group is both humbling and intriguing. Their individual contributions to our community are reflective of their gifts and their light. Today in my prayers one individual came into focus and during my contemplations I saw more clearly how he has given so much in loving expressions towards us all.
Brooke Folk is certainly a regular in our Online Circles of Light and plays a substantial role in keeping this venture on track. I can just hear him say ‘ Oh, it’s nothing, I just keep an eye on things so that it goes smoothly’. Yes, maybe this is true but what most of you may not know is that he invented these circles. Four years ago to the day, we were introduced to Brooke. He had said that he had been observing Jeanne and I for about a year and had come to the conclusion that we were the real deal.
At the time we did not know how Brooke would change our spiritual work in such a profound way. He shared with us his background which was primarily as a radio host and he invited us to be interviewed on a program that he developed on the Talkshoe Radio format. I tentatively said yes and asked when he wanted to do it. His response was’ how about right now ?’, gulp ! And so began a series of interviews with Jeanne and I and others in the Divine Love Movement. After several months of working together, he asked me if it was possible to bring through a Celestial during our interview time. Although I was reluctance to say yes, I suggested that we might try and see what happens. Our Celestial friends did not share my reluctance at all and came through without any difficulty.
It was a breakthrough moment which turned the tide of my work as a medium. Soon afterwards we decided to come together in what most of you know now as Online Circles of Light. After some experimentation, we came up with a routine and format for these circles. Brooke guided us in this new venture and soon thereafter we were reaching the world in this unique way. Now as many as 30 to 40 souls join us several times a week in this communal prayer time. Brooke is there almost always to set the wheels in motion , introduce Jeanne and I and give his pithy commentary and following wrap up address to round out the program. Not having Brooke in the drivers seat would be unthinkable these days as he is the guy who welcomes and sets the tone with his dulcet voice. He humbly suggests that Jeanne and I are the stars of the show but let’s face it, Brook is the front man, the stage manager and the director, so without him there is no show.
Over the past four years, I’ve seen Brooke grow in Divine Love in many ways. Though I don’t have the blessing of living close by or seeing him in action on a daily basis, it is clear that he is one of the movers and shakers in his community. He is also taking care of his aged mother who is suffering from dementia. This guy literally has no free time but continues to support a great many people in both his town and our community. As I know that he has his fingers in many pies, it is clear that he is a man of service and of action.
I have no doubt that God guided Brooke into our hearts and efforts to growth the truth of Divine Love in the world. Who better to assist in these efforts but a consummate communicator, writer and speaker? He is my inspiration, my friend and colleague in this soulful work. He is a man with a big heart and a bright soul. I salute you Brooke Folk and I want you to know how much I love and appreciate you as a friend and supporter of our work. And the world needs more like you Brooke! May God bless you deeply as you continue on your path towards soul awakening and at-onement. With much love and respect…….Al
Endless journey,endless Love.
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Re: Brooke folk Divine Love Man of the Year

Post by jeanne »

I echo Al's tribute to our wonderful friend Brooke Folk. God bless you as you continue to walk forward in Divine Love and Light. Love JEanne
Stay centered in Divine Love and expect miracles to happen!
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