Keea-Atta-Kem: Prayer

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Keea-Atta-Kem: Prayer

Post by Maureen »

Spirit: Keea-atta-Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 30, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

I wish to speak upon the subject of prayer for prayer is the mainstay of those who walk this Divine Path. It is the vehicle that brings the blessings and the touch from God to your souls. It is the outpouring of your heart and your soul to God in earnest longing and desire to be at-one with your Creator.

Do not inhibit your prayers with your minds and do not allow the conditions of this world keep you from prayer. For it is the power of prayer directed to God with the right intentions and the truth that you recognize, that brings changes within and awakens your soul. Prayer is your vehicle. Prayer opens the door. Prayer is the language of the soul.

May you come to express your soul in prayer with each day with an intensity and a clarity that truly reaches God, so that there will be a response, beloved souls, to what it is that you truly desire and what it is that you truly need to grow spiritually and to express love in your life. Light, light that grows, expands, envelops everything within you and everything within your lives. It is prayer that empowers this, beloved souls. It is prayer that brings the response from God enacting His Law of Activation. You must, beloved souls, you must spend time in prayer and contemplation in that quiet time in your day. Put forth a prayer. Focus your desire, your intention upon God and many blessings will come.

Prayer is an act of faith and faith comes with prayer as God touches your soul and awakens that true understanding and knowing that is a reflection of the ability of the soul to connect with the Divine.

In order to come to know your souls, my beloveds, you must be comfortable with prayer. You must utilize the active energies of your being in order to make that connection with your Creator, for God awaits your efforts to be with Him. God desires that you express those inner feelings, that inner wisdom directed towards Him so that there is a connection of light, a thread of light that is connected to you and connected to God. Through this thread comes the active energies and blessings of God to you and as you pray, this opening is expanded and much comes in response.

Truly knowing God requires your efforts, your experimentation, your faith and the true desires of your soul. This is expressed in prayer, all of these elements are a part of prayer. Prayer need not be complicated or long. It is not so much the words of a prayer that are important, but the feelings and longings that come with it as this truly reaches God.

Yes, God awaits your prayers. God longs for your prayers. God longs for this relationship to unfold not only within your soul but within your minds, that you may truly know His presence and existence in a conscious way. So much awaits your longing prayers, beloved souls. So much can come from a moment of true prayer, pushing aside all the distractions and conditions of this world and reaching out to God, open to His touch and blessing upon you. Nothing can stop you from this relationship, other than your own willful desire to be distant from God.

So many in your world do not know God and are content with the superficial life that does not include the knowing of one’s own soul and the knowing of God. This is indeed a sad state of affairs, my friends. So much can come in great benefits and blessings to humanity if they but open the door to receive, to be awakened, to know God. Yet God is far away from those who busy their minds and place barriers to their hearts and yet they feel a longing, a deep longing within them and often their response is fear and sadness. Rather than exploring this longing, this empty place within them, they turn away and make greater distractions so that they may not face what is, in essence, an invitation from God to have a relationship with Him. The soul continues to long and will continue until it finds this relationship that makes a soul complete and brings harmony within.

You all recognize the power of prayer, beloved souls. Though your approach may differ, your efforts and longings continue to hit its mark, to strike the chord and bring blessings forth. As you receive the Father’s Divine Love, this change agent of the soul, prayer becomes easier, awareness brightens and deepens, joy emerges from the soul and a true sense of knowing, of being close to God comes in its stead.

Beloved souls, teach the power of prayer. Be an example for others. Walk in the world with this true knowledge in the forefront of your life and you will create a beautiful light, you will express a powerful truth, you will bring God more fully into your lives as you continue to hone your ability to pray to God and bring the powerful responses of His deep touch upon your soul.

Every soul instinctively knows how to pray, yet not every soul allows this intuitive understanding to come to the fore. Their minds make barriers. They do not trust or understand within their minds what it is that this longing brings. Such is the condition of your world. Yes, many pray by repeating particular words over and over again and this is not necessarily in error but without the feeling, the longing, accompanying these words there will be no response other than some comfort given from the promise of these words.

You, my beloveds, understand that a heartfelt prayer is a true prayer and you must continue to mine the depths of your heart, to know the longings of your soul and to direct your prayers for the blessings of God which you know are available to you, to come into you, beloveds. So many think that asking God for a blessing is not appropriate, that in some way you are self-centred, that you have a deep desire to receive something rather than to give. But I tell you, those who believe this do not understand the immensity and wonderment that is God and how these blessings that come forth to you, beloved souls, is less than a grain of sand in all the wondrous blessings of God. It would be impossible for any soul or group of souls to diminish God in prayer, for God is the infinite Source, His blessings continue to fuel the world in all its life and bounty. It is for you and all souls to recognize and to accept this dependency upon the Source of all for life and the greater life that comes with His Love.

So, do not let another diminish your efforts, but merely say a prayer for them for they are often the ones most in need, the ones who resolutely stand alone and do not beseech God and befriend God. Many are in darkness and confusion. Many suffer the numbness of the heart and feel very little other than fear, confusion, and are alone and afraid in their lives. Yet you, my beloveds, have a richness of understanding, a bounty of blessings, a fullness in your life that continues to grow and draw in more and more light and blessings. How wise you are to recognize the power of prayer with all its blessings and benefits.

May you continue upon this road. May your prayers become a constant desire to be with God and in this there will be a constant inflowing upon you, beloved souls. God bless you and keep you in His Grace and Love, peace and joy. I am with you. I am your friend and I love you. I am Kee-atta-Kem. God bless you my beloveds. May your life be a prayer and may your life be full and rich. God bless you.
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