Confucius: God's Natural Love

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Confucius: God's Natural Love

Post by Maureen »

Spirit: Confucius
Medium: Unknown
Location: Vancouver, BC
Date: October 1969

I have come many times to bring healing to those of this group when I have been called upon to do so. And I love all of you my children and I come to remind you of God’s Love for each of you. My dear friends there is so much happiness in store for you and in your future. For there are those of you I know who will receive God's gift of Love and accept it unto yourselves.

Those others of you who will refuse to partake of this great gift of God still you will have surrounding you, God's natural love for you, and His caring spirit which surrounds you always. For, it is in this natural love of God that you live and have your being day by day. This natural love of God which is through all the universe and is the life force of every being. From this force you cannot separate yourselves, and so, those of you who choose to neglect the greater salvation of your Father, you will be content to dwell in God's natural love and God's eternal caring spirit to help you through your difficulties and through your lives. For God is with all men at all times in His attributes of spirit. The Love of the Father does enfold you and keep you... but oh how much easier for us to come and make ourselves known to you when you are able to still your minds from tensions, and those things of the earth plane which cause you worry. For though we stand beside you willing and doing all that we can, you are not receptive to the influence which we may have upon you. So, in this way you make your lives more difficult for yourselves than need be. For if you would allow yourselves the understanding and be aware of our presence we could transmit to you those influences that are necessary for you to overcome the situations in which you find yourselves.

For every human who dwells on this plane it must be that his life will have those conditions which will force him to choose but how can you choose wisely when your mind and reasoning powers are coloured by fear and other emotions which are destructive in nature. I understand that it is not easy for you to ignore conditions of the flesh. Those of you who are under emotional and physical stress, it is doubly difficult for you, for you carry in this way a double load for your mental condition does not allow us to penetrate and thereby we are unable to give you the help you so desperately desire and long for.

I would give each of you peace for God's peace is free and available to you. The moments you spend while you are at work and at play, it is advantageous to you to take these moments, and renew your communion with God. In this way, you will find that the stress of your work and within your home will lessen and you will be better able to turn again in a moment and face the situation which is yours. These difficult times come to each and every one of you. Each of you must learn whether you will allow yourselves to become servants or masters of your own conditions. For each time you master a situation you will become stronger and better equipped to master those conditions which is still your lot to face while you are on the earth plane. You will find that it will be less difficult and that it may become very simple for you when you have attuned yourselves to God in such a way that His Love may flow through you and strengthen you.

It is not unreasonable to you to suppose that this is within your power and within your grasp. For it may be that each of you may use this power. For if you have your being in the Caring Spirit of God, your Father who cares for and loves each one of you here this evening and all mankind, then it is also possible for you to attune to greater and greater quantities of this power. It is not necessary for you to be unhappy or that you should be worried. But it is necessary for you to turn your thoughts to spiritual things. When you truly desire within yourselves to become a person who seeks only good for himself and his fellow man, then it must follow that the help will be given to you to make this desire possible. So why not begin to practice today the opening of your soul that you may be able to cope with those things of a material nature with the wisdom and understanding which God desires should be in every one of you. I ask God's blessing upon each one of you. Good night my friends.
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